The Freestyle 100 Interactive Playlist is a way for us to share our musical interests and see what happens when they interact.   It's a way for me to find out about the music you know and spin.  It's a way for you to know what I'm about -- so you can turn me on to that phat track I'd really love to hear.

In the table below are some typical EDM (electronic dance music) genres, and for each genre, a track is suggested that might be the lead item in a playlist.  

When you click the Artist/Track Title link, you'll hear the last 60 seconds of the lead track ... to contribute to this interactive playlist, use the "Submit Your Track" link to email me the name of  any track you think would be the ideal next tune: the one that best sustains the flow of the music that went before it ...  (For inspiration, look here.)

As the submissions come in, they will be posted to the list and we'll see where this interactivity stuff takes us....

What you need to know about track submissions can be reviewed below.


Trying out something new ... replacing that old tired RealAudio format that I used to have with clips in .wma format -- .wma should stream properly as long as you have Windows Media Player installed, or your default player is set to handle .wma files.

And the categories are:






St. Etienne/ Monkey Mafia: Filthy Danny Tenaglia: Come Together Phunk Phorce: Mind Games  Omni Trio: Alien Creed Dr. Atomic: Scheudelfloss

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David Holmes: 
Swayzak: Blocks Wm. Orbit: Hinterland Heights of Abraham: 
Make Love
Thievery Corp: 2001 Spliff Odyssey

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100% emusic

St. Germain: La Goutte D'Or  

Asian Dub Foundation: 
Digital Underclass

  2 Banks of Four: Skyline Over Rooftops

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It won't surprise you to learn that mixed CD's were made for each of the categories, using the track that's listed here as the first track.  If you're curious about how that turned out, click on the Turntablist icon (that crazy hand) at the bottom of any list and you'll see what my set was like.  I make covers for all my mixed CDs, of course -- you can see some of the results on the Covers page.

Selected mixes will be streamed -- look for the MadameFLY broadcasts on or check out the BeatConscious show on MixMeister Radio.


How to Submit a Song for the Playlist:

When you click on "Submit your tune" you'll get an email window.  Send in the following track info:
-- The artist's name
-- The song title
-- The album title (if it's not a single)
-- The category to place your song in
-- The name of the song that your submission should follow
-- A short sample of the track (a "clip") as an attachment to your email.

How to provide a clip from the song you submit:

I would be happy to post a clip of the track you submit, if you will provide it to me (assuming I don't already own it) -- I suggest mp3 format as the most universal, and smallest file size.

bulletFrom personal experience, I can recommend MusicMatch Jukebox which offers a free download version of software that will rip and encode mp3s from your CDs.

I'll take care of creating the streaming .wma file from your clip when received.


I draw attention to these artists and tracks in hopes that you will enjoy learning about them.  If you enjoy the music, support the artists who created it -- whenever possible, buy their music.  The Make Contact page of this website has links to music retailers for your convenience.