Acid Jazz is another branch of Downtempo, but (as the name suggests) the sound leans heavily toward traditional jazz instrumentation, time sigs, vocals ... as does the latest incarnation, Nu-Jazz -- which turned into some peoples' least favorite phrase of 2004-2005 ... ah, well, you can't please everyone.

I found that a lot of groups I really enjoyed could be grouped under this heading, like Heights of Abraham, St. Germain, Cinematic Orchestra, DePhazz, and more.  Up until recently, I wouldn't say I'd made a 100% nu-jazz mix (though the elements are always present in a good downtempo set ...) 

However, having received the latest Heights of Abraham release recently inspired me to gather up some classics along with the new stuff and work late into the night to bring you a pure acid jazz mix -- here's what you'll hear if you catch it on mmRadio or (for a brief time) via this link:

01. Elements: Le Gooster
02. Sneakin (Vocal): Jaffa
03. La Goutte D'Or: St. Germain
04. One of these days (k&s remix): Kraak & Smaak
05. Summer In Paris: Cam starring Anggun
06. And Relax ! : Cinematic Orchestra
07. New World City: Heights of Abraham
08. To this World: St Germain aka Ludovic Navarre
09. Gooseme (Nickodemus & Zeb Mix): Jugoe
10. Channel One Suite: Cinematic Orch.
11. In The Garden Of Eden (Thinking Inside Of You): Courtney Pine
12. Dolphins: Heights of Abraham
13. The World at War: The Necks



I draw attention to these artists and tracks in hopes that you will enjoy learning about them.  If you enjoy the music, support the artists who created it -- whenever possible, buy their music.  The Make Contact page of this website has links to music retailers for your convenience.