Calling on poetical imagery to match the dreamy expansiveness of the genre, I thought of "ambient" in these terms:

Mother to us all, particularly since that late marriage to the dancing master, made flesh in 1980's David Byrne / Brian Eno collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and celebrated most recently by Omni Trio, happy in a heated drum'n'bass embrace.  

Just as interesting today, especially when there's an added layer of complexity to savor.  But I'm still using those William Orbit CDs ... some things are classics ... here's one of the original ambient mixes:


Wm. Orbit: Hinterland
Future Sound of London: Thru Your Gills I Breathe
Terre Thaemlitz: Fat Chair
Human Mesh Dance: Wet Moon
Michael Brook/Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois: Midday
Aphex Twin: I / 1
Mysteries of Science: Creatures Made of Light....
Aphex Twin: II / 8
Transformer: 2 Virtual Cocoon (Processed Mix)
Space Cat: Karraveth
Aphex Twin: I / 3
Brook/Eno/Lanois: Ocean Motion
Aphex Twin: II / 1
Daniel Kolbialka: Moonwalk

To hear this set, visit the Mixed Music page.



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