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Mine was lovely, hope yours was also ... Christmas, of course.  I know that for lots of folks who had to travel in order to be with family, the weather in the northern half of the U.S. created quite a nightmare, but I hope you arrived safely and that the warm glow you found waiting for you made up for the effort of reaching your destination.... 

At this point, Moto and I are looking forward to reconstructing the regular schedule for BeatConscious on mmRadio ... each of us has a little something in the works, but no sense of when we'll have a finished product ... I have a fair amount of new music to attend to, including the latest project from The Warheads and recent acquisitions from the good people at emusic.com ... why, I even bought a couple of CDs while shopping for gifts on Amazon and hope to work them into the mix as well.

If you have some new music to share, drop me a line and bring me up to date ... remember that the primary audience for the streams on mmRadio are working DJs and other tastemakers who may seek out music that they hear on the show to incorporate into their own sets ... I make it my business to make sure they can easily find the artists whose music plays on the BeatConscious show ... and so we keep the flow moving on

Up next, Christmas ... and with that reliable return comes the BeatConscious Christmas show as well ... as old friends already know, the BeatConscious show on mmRadio begins December by adding a Christmas mix to the regular schedule and then throughout the month we gradually add more while trimming out the regular mixes ... until, by Christmas Eve, we are Christmas music 24/7.  The process is well under way now (how could it not be, with just about a week left to go ...) and the most recent addition was my own new production for this year, The Illuminated Grinchmas: you can read about it here if you like.

Now of course, I keep in mind that not everyone has the time or interest to tune in to the show, especially as busy as people are during the holidays ... for you, I've contrived to have a little something under the tree....

However you spend it, have a lovely holiday ...

To all of you who celebrate it, a very happy Thanksgiving ... mine was about as good as it gets and very reminiscent of the best of times "back home".

In the run-up to the holiday, I uploaded a new show ... or rather, The Recombinator has been at work again, remixing a set from 2003 that seemed full of tunage that would be worth hearing again ... The Money Groove, Part 1 got the attention this time, and emerged relatively lightly touched ... it picked up a couple of new tunes and so isn't any longer the experiment that it started out to be ... that is, remixing a friend's compilation of 'new favorite tracks' ... as told in the mmRadio feedback thread, back in the day:

A Visit from DJ Money G -or- Inspiration is where it finds you.

I have a friend in the financial services sector who has turned into a downtempo head over the past couple of years ... I've given him the nickname DJ Money G, though he doesn't mix (yet) but makes compilations. Every time he and his wife come to FLA for a visit, we catch up on one another's crates and give the gift of music. Last visit, he left me with four CDs of his latest favorites, and I gave him a couple of my recent mmRadio sets.

As I listened to his CDs, I couldn't help but think about how a resequencing and actual mixing of some of the tracks might turn into something really tasty -- hey, I'm only human (a MixMeister-enabled human, that is.) So, I set out to make my own mix, my own flavor, from his selections ... I call it The Money Groove.

Among the artists on this set, you'll hear Fila Brazilia, Praful, De-Phazz, Ja Wobble/Bill Laswell, The Dining Rooms, Sofa Surfers, Deadbeats and more.... There's every possibility of a Volume Two being created from the rest of this material ... stay tuned

(See http://community.beatmixing.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/416605445/m/809609555 for the whole write-up.)

There did, in fact, turn out to be more Money Groove sets, and I will be handing those over to The Recombinator also ... but first:  Christmas tunes are coming.  Yes, folks, here at BeatConscious, we wait a decent interval after Thanksgiving before we start talking Christmas ... but as the holiday came late in November this year, and since I usually start adding the Christmas sets early in December, I guess it's time to start planning the morphing of the show into its eventual "All Christmas All the Time" line-up, due to be in place by no later than Christmas Eve.  I expect a few new mixes to be added to the show this year: a holiday set from DJ Mojito from Germany, a remix of The Grinch from me and whatever else shows up under the tree ... As we do each year, the BeatConscious DJs will strive to give you the perfect downtempo buzz for your holiday festivities ... Join us!

All girls, all the time!  Fully-clothed (or, at least, so I imagine) ...

What paradise is this, you ask?  Isla Mujeres is our destination ... not, this time, an island off the coast of Yucatan, but instead an island of the mind, where the voices are women's voices ... from a whisper to a shout, from jazz to triphop to sugar-soul and lazy lounge-flavored house.  It is, of course, the newest show to stream on BeatConscious, and I invite you to join us ...

In addition, I should mention -- for all of you who get your BeatConscious stream via mmRadio (and if you don't, you can sample the stream on this page) -- I'm not the only DJ who has contributed new pleasures to the show: DJ D-Groove brings us another of his Soul Lounge sets (this one called: Patio Light, Drinks & Good Friends), plur contributes a session of Processed Beatz for an unaccustomed dip into minimal/tech house, while phreaq has dropped an excellent ethno flavored set he calls My Belly's Bigger than Buddha's ... and that's just in the last couple of weeks ... Still in rotation are mixes from dani72, kicko and stilly, who returned this summer after a long absence, with Balearic Bliss to share.  There's even the delicious anticipation that my station co-host, Moto, will find the time and opportunity to drop a new set sometime soon -- getting hitched can slow a guy down just a bit when it comes to time-out for non-essentials

So come on in ... we'll be happy to make space for you here on the banquette and share the breezes and the bliss.

Update:  As I usually do before traveling, I've refreshed the Live 365 version of the BeatConscious stream, so those of you who get your downtempo fix at that outlet can rest assured you are hearing the latest as of October 12th ....  And to all the independent artists who have contacted me over the past several months, via the email link at Live365, my appreciation to each of you -- the show would be nothing without your music.

Looks like I dropped a link to the Cabin Fever mix a couple of posts back, without actually adding the set-list to the usual page ... mea culpa ... I've made up for that now, and also added cover art and set-list for the most recent BeatConscious show, Autumn Atmospherics ... This one started as an updating of a 2002 mix titled Autumn Will Come but instead of just improving all the transitions, I took it a step further ... as described in this write-up from the Beatmixing.com feedback thread:

Here's where a couple of impulses intersect, one (The ReAnimator) is the urge to keep old music in the mix: if it holds up, it should continue to be heard. The second impulse is to cherry-pick the best tracks from an old mix and recombine them with more recently-acquired tunes … and see what results … Enter: The Recombinator

From the original mix ... DJs Wally & Swingsett and Bugs deliver the kind of sultry vocals that characterize good downtempo tracks while A Guy Called Gerald brings some atmospheric DnB energy to the set. The Guardians of Dalliance, Ambient Rhythms and dZihan & Kamien are also still kickin and of course we have that "ultimate downtempo joint" from Coldcut -- and the track which gives this set its name -- Autumn Leaves.

Among the new additions, Quantic's "Infinite Regression" track is the slyest, it's references easily applicable to mixing, especially remixing original mixes … The Nojazz track is quite a find, with its easy-to-mix spoken intro, audio fireworks, and the fact that it quotes a couple of bars of the Autumn Leaves remix that closes the set is a double plus.

Also new to the set are pieces from Cantoma, Lemongrass, PFM, Govinda and the crazy opening track from Four Tet, so eerie and yet so iirie, if you follow….

And that's the story with music so far ... at this point, I'm hard at work on the next set, which will feature all the great woman-centric music that has come my way in the past couple of months.

The heat is still around and now plenty of rain as well, as we deal with the first tropical storm to really have any effect on the area ... good prep for the real thing as we head into peak storm season.  That day off from work gave me the chance to update the Live 365 stream, so those of you who get your BeatConscious hit from L365 are all caught up now.

There was an excellent WIRED interview with CD Baby founder Derek Stivers recently and I found this quote to be pretty perceptive: 

Wired.com: What is the most broken aspect of the music business?

Sivers: The disconnect between the music, as a final product, and the musician, as a person going through an ongoing creative process.  There are plenty of millionaires who would pay millions to hang a Van Gogh painting on the wall, but hardly one that would have ever had the crazy nut over for dinner. I feel like the big companies are like that with musicians. They'll say, "We love music! It's all about the music!" -- but if a musician shows up at the door, they call security.

The closing jab is also excellent:

Wired.com: What area of the music business offers the most hope for fans of great music?

Sivers: The areas with no music business in them.  Friends talking to friends, talking about what they love, away from the influence of business.

I'll just point out that "friends talking to friends about [the music] they love" is in fact the guiding principle of BeatConscious.org. 

So, you know, it's hotter'n a pistol and everybody around here (FLA) is pretty much hangin' out inside, enjoying the A/C when they can't be in the pool or in the Gulf ... and so this is our time for cabin fever.  Some suffer it in the winter, some in the summer, but it's always the same routine ... stuck inside due to the weather, feeling like half your life has shut down, waiting for better times (actually, that also sounds a little like what people are feeling on account of the economy, but that's a different subject for some other post....)  Anyhow, if you're lucky like me, you have something as interesting and engaging as MixMeister to help you while away the hours ...

The result of my time inside this July/August can be heard in the newest upload to the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio, aptly called Cabin Fever (or was I just too lazy to come up with a clever name -- you decide.)  I must tell you, there are some stand-out tracks on this set, particularly from favorites like The Warheads, All India Radio and a new discovery, Proof of Concept

The Warheads have been working on a soundtrack for something called Nihon Noir, while the newest release from All India Radio (Fall) has had a few of the tracks remixed for our listening pleasure ... a portion of the mix bounces back and forth between tracks from these two offerings and the overall effect is truly sublime. 

Proof of Concept is the nom du musique of James Foster, whose "View from Above" I've paired with one of my favorite tracks of all time, Lamb's "Five" from the Fear of Fours album ... you'll hear how this new artist holds his own with the best, and you may be encouraged by that showing to seek out his music on Myspace ....

Speaking about the latest show to stream on BeatConscious, Independence Suite 2008 (see post below), I want to take the opportunity to also pay respects to All India Radio, purveyors of fine music based in Australia (the new release is Fall)... and to Martin Kennedy and Leona Prue in particular.  They co-wrote the track Let Me Remain,  which I find stunningly lovely ... I went so far as to ask Martin for the lyrics, because the tune just haunts me, and Leona (the wordsmith) was kind enough to oblige ... if you see me driving along singing, it might just be that I'm singing along to Let Me Remain, now that I know the words.

And speaking of musical favorites, I understand there is new goodness coming from The Warheads ... heard a little bit yesterday (would it be wrong to say Asian triphop?) and will be looking for a new CD soon ... this is a very active and talented group ... like All India Radio, The Warheads are a source of consistently excellent music and I'm delighted to have found them ... hope you will seek them out as well.

Take a second to read the last post (immediately below) and you'll understand my gratitude to KUSH, one of several independent artists featured on this July 4th's indie music set: Independence Suite 2008.  But the fact is, I appreciate everyone out there putting in the time and talent to produce such excellent music ... I only know my one little downtempo corner of the musical world of course ... but from what I hear, there's good news in almost every genre, and a large number of listening venues (the artists's websites, their myspace pages, last.fm and pandora and a number of other online radio outlets, including of course mmRadio and Live365, where you can catch the music that has entertained and impressed me and my fellow MixMeisters and other music devotees.)  Go here to check out the set-list for the 2008 indie music offering and use one of the links in the left-side panel to check out the actual music (L365 listeners -- coming to you a bit later in the month.)

One special (though relatively tiny) feature of this new mix is the drop from jrs of The Warheads ... it pleased me enormously ... like anything you never knew you wanted until after someone gave it to you. 

And now, back to enjoying my long weekend ....

Took the plunge, took the challenge, and on this rainy June weekend I renewed the Live 365 station presence for BeatConscious ... I can spend the text elsewhere to talk about why I would even hesitate (as you make your own economic decisions these days, I know you know) but here I'll just say that under the new terms of membership, the greater cost is buying more server space which I've used to plump up the roster of sets ... you can find the current line up on the Live 365 information page.  I made the decision in part because I recently had email from another fine group (KUSH) who let me know they'd found me due to the station on L365 ... not everyone mentions that, so it's possible to lose sight of the great job the station does in keeping me connected to the world of music lovers looking for a new sound to love.  I listened as I worked this weekend and even with the commercials, the station sounds decent ... though I would hope and expect that most serious listeners would buy a membership that would relieve them of listening to the commercials.  Why don't you check out the show (you can use the Live365 link in the navigation panel at the left side of this page, under the word "Audio" to stream it) and let me know what you think ....  

Memorial Day Weekend, a perfect time for uploading a new show to mmRadio and updating the website as well ... and I waited for this sweet moment until after I had done my yard work ... just so you know.

I'm calling the new show SemiConsciousParty ... with a bit of a nod to Ziggy Marley and the basic recognition that we never entirely commit to our own part in the big picture as long as our personal lives keep throwing us curves.  You'll find the set-list here and the cover over here.  Enjoy the soul sensibilities of Erykah Badu, Verse 2, Subatomic Sound System, Rithma, Nightmares on Wax, Atjazz, Freddie Cruger, Joy Denalane, Fontella Bass, Lauryn Hill, Deela and others ....  And you may find you relate to some of what they have to say.

Speaking of what people have to say, I've posted a new article link on the BrainScan page, another one about the healing powers of music ... the scientific community keeps poking around the edges of this particular line of research, but never dips more than a toe in.  Maybe this time, they'll get a little farther.

WIRED magazine has an interview with Brian Eno ... I've excerpted a small bit on the BrainScan page; if you're interested in the entire article, you can check that out here.  And the NYT also has a cautionary tale about the rise and spectacular downfall of a prolific blogger, Emily Gould, told in her own words.  My first experience of the phrase oversharing ... but I recognized it instantly:

One of the strangest and most enthralling aspects of personal blogs is just how intensely personal they can be. I’m talking “specific details about someone’s S.T.D.’s” personal, “my infertility treatments” personal. There are nongynecological overshares, too: “My dog has cancer” overshares, “my abusive relationship” overshares.

It’s easy to draw parallels between what’s going on online and what’s going on in the rest of our media: the death of scripted TV, the endless parade of ordinary, heavily made-up faces that become vaguely familiar to us as they grin through their 15 minutes of reality-show fame. No wonder we’re ready to confess our innermost thoughts to everyone: we’re constantly being shown that the surest route to recognition is via humiliation in front of a panel of judges.

But is that really what’s making people blog? After all, online, you’re not even competing for 10 grand and a Kia. I think most people who maintain blogs are doing it for some of the same reasons I do: they like the idea that there’s a place where a record of their existence is kept — a house with an always-open door where people who are looking for you can check on you, compare notes with you and tell you what they think of you. Sometimes that house is messy, sometimes horrifyingly so. In real life, we wouldn’t invite any passing stranger into these situations, but the remove of the Internet makes it seem O.K.

Trust me, I'll be keeping a careful eye on FLYpaper for signs of this oversharing stuff ...

Thank god I've never lived an interesting life ... otherwise, people who followed it on FLYpaper would be really upset about the lack of news there ... as it is, most of what you need to know, you can read right here in the Fresh News column.  And in fact, I do have a news flash for today, the very tag-end of April ... an email from the Tranceporter!  OK, lose that confused look ... think a little and you'll remember reading the History of My World page from a couple of years ago (I'm SUCH an optimist )  At the time I wrote that page, the punch line was that I had been in contact with one of the guys from the musical godhead, Heights of Abraham.  But of equal importance on my personal scale of wondrous happenings, is that I've also heard from the Tranceporter, the guy who introduced me to the music of HoA to begin with.  Since that hazy day in Key West, we have touched base maybe twice, and I have an absolute fit (the good kind) each time ... especially because it is completely unexpected -- like all the best presents.

So, for you DP, a big warm public hello ... thanks for all the new music recommendations -- you can be certain that I'll be tracking them down.  And when we are both on the same continent once again, we really must try to have a visit and a meal together .... 

So you know I went to WMC, and so I'm sure you're wondering if I brought home any new music ... well, as mentioned already (see below), I had the pleasure of meeting up with Emch and the Subatomic Sound System folks for the Miambient event, and Emch kindly comped me a couple of the CDs he's brought with him ... and on these I found some excellent music, including the track Rize Up which appears on the new Dub & Dubber 08: 2008:04:20: Dubset, uploaded this morning and currently stream on mmRadio ... yes, folks, it's that date once again and it could not pass unmarked here at BeatConscious   Check out the set-list here.

Respect and appreciation also go out to Miguel Migs who appeared at The Opium Garden and handed out a few copies of his new release on OM Records: These Things (Remixed) ... the Cottonbelly remix of Fire is among the stand-out tracks on that collection, and you'll hear it on the D&D 4:20 mix also.  Also in the spirit is a contribution from the Dubmatix remix contest -- the Dubactivist version of Dust, Dirt and Sand, a timely anthem for a troubled economy.

Whether you celebrate today or just have yourself a typical pleasant Sunday ... enjoy. 

Did I go to Miami?  Indeed I did, and lived to tell the tale ... check it all out on the Winter Music Conference page -- complete with pictures.  Speaking of pictures, I'm pestering my friends for some of their shots, so do check back as I expect to be updating that page over the next week or so....

This year it seemed downtempo was in shorter supply ... one really excellent opportunity was the Miambient afternoon at The Standard Hotel (respect and gratitude to Emch for the heads-up on that event.)  Otherwise, I was hearing House music and the best of that was the BasicNYC party at the Beach Plaza Hotel ... details on these events via the link above.  I did come home with a couple of discs in addition to my pics and good memories ... look for tracks from Miguel Migs and the Subatomic Sound System people to pop up on the BeatConscious stream soon.

Speaking of the BeatConscious stream (and I mean the one hosted on beatmixing.com) -- do visit me there soon and see the striking new site design by DJ Jez (not just a DJ, but a phenomenal graphic artist as well.)  The site redesign is set to launch on April 1st and barring any of those pesky technical issues the web sometimes serves up, we hope to have you join us and let us know what you think.

Yes, it's about time for the Winter Music Conference in Miami ... but before I go, I just had to drop one more jazzy joint for ya ... click on over to the BeatConscious show on mmRadio (beatmixing.com -- see the link on the leftside panel) and see what you think about The Mighty Wick, featuring the music of Parov Stelar, Gary B, Afternoons in Stereo, The Warheads (in their jazz outfits, this time) and duo Tassel & Naturel featuring DJ Cam ... and much more besides: check out the set-list here.

Last month, I promised you a new Quiet Storm-style mix featuring new material from the good folks at ViceLounge and you know I wouldn't lie ... you can hear Terms & Conditions streaming now from the BeatConscious show on mmRadio (check the panel at the left for the link.)  This being February, you can assume that Terms & Conditions is the Valentine's Day joint...  Check out the cover art and the set-list for more clues as to my heart-rate and whether or not those are stars in my eyes .... 

In addition to the ViceLounge mash of Melissa Young's "Just a Girl", this mix runs the gamut from Memphis Minnie to Candi Staton with a couple of stops for Remy Shand, the Canadian neo-Soul artist who put out one record in 2002 and then disappeared.... 

Work and other aspects of Real Life are a bit overwhelming this season ... you can bet I'm looking forward to a week in South Beach at the Winter Music Conference in late March ... there will be the chance to meet up with other MixMeisters as well as seeing some inspiring musical performances ... If you find you have the time and the inclination, please join us there and help us make the party happen

The new year is well under way and so it must be time for a fresh show on BeatConscious ...  I believe Moto will rearrange things this weekend, retiring the "Best of 2007" show and shuffling the mixes around a bit ... At this point, the one truly new item will be my 2008 kick-off mix of independent artists, featuring the music that was brought to my attention during the last couple of months in 2007 (when my attention was really focused on pulling together the Christmas show.)  Stop by beatmixing.com and check out the show (MoonDrop)-- you'll catch up on releases from Torso, unworking mind, Alyse Black, The Warheads, Tassel and Naturel, Neptilos and Sonanaut, among others.  You'll find links to all these folks on the Declaration of Independents page post that supplements each Indie mix aired on the show.

Speaking of new music, I had a message recently from Jake, an ex-New Yorker transplanted to the L.A. area ... we talked about how it's good to keep up with folks in the same vibe and I asked him to be sure and let me know if he heard anything that might be good for the show ... he said, I'm always on the hunt!  Well, I'll bet you are too ... just because not too many folks make it to BeatConscious.org unless they are seriously interested in music ... interested enough to read a small non-commercial website that isn't even giving anything away for free ...

So, by all means, pick up a few tips while you're here and before you go, consider sharing your own tips with me:  drop a line to talkback [at] beatconscious.org and let me know what you've discovered recently ... and let me know how you found it.  I'm guessing that the majority of new finds will have come via a musician's myspace page.  But maybe you know the musician personally, or maybe you discovered a website by reading your local arts newspaper.  However you got there, I'm interested in hearing about it.  (If you are interested in my stats, I can tell you that about 30% comes from friend requests on myspace, 50% comes from artists contacting me directly and the rest from news articles or tips from friends.  This is a guesstimate ... no calculators were used in developing this data.)

Coming soon:  a new Quiet Storm-style mix featuring the latest track to drop from the fine people at ViceLounge ... watch for it!

So we made it through another one ... no thanks to anything but blind luck and the sheer refusal to lie down, or so it seems on the gloomier days.  Yet I think just about everyone has something that pulls them through in a positive way (as opposed to simple denial or hiding out) ... and that one thing, for me, is of course music:  Hearing it, mixing it, discovering new music and making sure that others learn about the really cool stuff that comes my way ... and this year, thanks to Tim and Tom (no, I'm not making this up) I'm actually learning a little bit as the months roll by, proving it's always handy to have a pro around when you have puzzles to be solved.

New things are cooking at MixMeister, as usual ... new version releases of the software including, most significantly, a version for Mac users.  Their numbers may be small but they are a vocal bunch and MixMeister, now with the financial cushion that came from their alliance with Numark, has finally had the chance to respond to their demands to be included in our world ...  The Mac version should be rolling out this month.

And it looks as though some of us in the MixMeister community will be visiting South Beach for the the 2008 Winter Music Conference ... it seemed like a nifty place to have a little party we've been planning.  If you are planning on being in that neighborhood March 26-30, be sure to let me know ....

Until then (or the next opportunity) you have my very best wishes for this new year.




Do you hear what I hear?  Well, yeah -- if you hear Christmas music.  Or haven't they started playing that yet in your neck of the woods?  Here, it started even before Thanksgiving....  But the music I'm hearing is primarily from the shows I'm preparing for the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio ... and this is a good spot to shout out to Mr Cucho for his contribution as well.

Just as I did last year, I'm going to be adding Christmas sets and taking down the regular programming, bit by bit over the four weeks of December until, beginning on the 23rd, we will be all Christmas music, all the time, right thru the 26th.  And after that, who knows ... if Moto and I are really organized, we should be able to have a "Classics from 2007" show for you, to recap the best of the mixes that BeatConscious hosted in 2007.  But you may be busy or not able to stay connected for the stream, or maybe your computer doesn't like the wma-based stream that mmRadio delivers, and you need something more compatible.  Well, you're covered -- enjoy! 

By the way, when you get to hear the remixed version of "A Child's Christmas in Wales", it may improve your enjoyment to be able to refer to a printed copy of the text of this piece which is recited by the author, Dylan Thomas.  There a numerous online versions of the piece you can refer to -- here is one I found via Google.

Among the many things that got neglected this summer while I worried about hurricanes, property tax reform legislation gutting my job and tangential concerns about the vacation visit, my show on Live365 probably got the worst treatment ... for anyone brave enough to actually visit the stream and listen despite the commercials, I salute you and today I have updated the station with several new mixes (and one classic brought back.)  There's another great mix that I can't post due to the DMCA rules about how many songs by a specific artist you can actually play within a certain time limit, but of course, you can always hear the shows they wouldn't let me broadcast over on Beatmixing.com where the alternate BeatConscious stream (including work by other guest DJs) runs 24/7, wild and free.  Well, OK, not free exactly, but moreso than L365 which has been colonized by DMCA compliance checking software .... No doubt our day will come on Beatmixing.com also, but until then, at least you have a choice about where to listen. 

This alternate stream stuff will be important at Christmas also, since I don't think I can get my Christmas mixes past the IP gendarmes at L365.  But that won't stop you and me from enjoying them ... watch this space, or check out the streamer once we get into December -- you won't want to miss my remix of Dylan Thomas performing his classic "A Child's Christmas in Wales".  Remix is the word du jour, but in fact, it's a dramatic reading set to music ... something radio used to be famous for.

Oh, and I almost forgot October's get-down, this one called Done with Love ... sometimes the ambiguity of language can be amusing (though, I'll grant you, much of the time it can be frustrating) and so it is with the name I chose for this set ... it might mean that I've done this just for you, with love or it might mean it's over, that's it, I'm done with love.  For some of us, the best art is the art that lets you make up your own mind about what you've experienced (just as, for instance, I finally realize what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansen at the end of "Lost in Translation").  For those who don't appreciate that prospect, there's still plenty of art being made that tells you exactly what to think....

Well, but so the summer ended without any significant storm activity in my immediate neighborhood (though hundreds lost their lives due to Noel, and as far as I can tell, hundreds of Mexicans are still camped out on their roofs, Katrina-style, after flooding in the region around Villahermosa.  Speaking of Katrina, I thought the pictures from Mexico were pretty thought-provoking, showing as they did people erecting shelters on their roofs, cooking, sheltering their chickens and other small animals, and generally looking capable of camping out until the government (or someone) came to rescue them from the unreceding flood waters....  The good people of New Orleans were not able to do as well during their time of trial, who can say why....

That's it for now ... just a note to say I love you, and now back to my yard work ...

I made it back (you knew that I would) and have to report on the live music event that was my only evening out in Asheville, NC ... First off, Asheville is awesome ... I hardly saw any of it but still I fell for it ... if I don't end up there before I check out, it won't be for lack of trying ...

Secondly, The Orange Peel is quite a space and maybe things have changed all over, or maybe they are just different in Asheville, but the remarkable thing about this venue is that even though they check you hard at the door (drugs, guns, or whatever they might be looking for) once you are inside, there's no security constantly looming over you ... but what really blew my mind was the audience on the stage ...

All three acts involved laptop DJing to some extent, (the last guy -- Girl Talk -- was 100% lappy generated performance) and two of the acts invited the audience up on stage ... and no one stopped them! Keep in mind that concerts that I'm used to in DC/VA or wherever -- you go toward that stage and security is going to take you down!!

But not so at The Orange Peel ... too bad I didn't have a camera with me ... oh, and speaking of cameras, I don't know what sort of images most VJs prefer, but Girl Talk just had some animated type spelling out "girl talk" in various styles and movement, while the major part of the visuals were crowd shots taken from the stage, showing the people in the audience who were still on the dance floor ... a lot of it looked like it was shot by cell phone video passed around by the ppl on the stage but some of it was probably generated from a "real" camera. I thought that was an excellent use of video, it really involved the crowd in the performance ...

The drive home was a bear, though ... mountain roads at 2 am ... aaarrrggh!

Back home, time to think about the next BC show ... there's a jazz set coming together, mostly older stuff, and there's substantial new music out there, including some great new downtempo being created by a duo out of Orlando ... more about them if / when I receive their EP to work with.

And with every passing day, a little bit less of the 2007 hurricane season to be concerned about ...

I've got one more bit of listening pleasure to push up to the mmRadio server before heading out on my vacation ... look for FLY on the Street next time you roll by beatmixing.com to spend an hour chilling ... Although I was inspired by The Hop, that Radio Citizen track I mentioned hearing on the Putumayo Records release, the mix really concentrates on material from the early 2000's ... which I tend to think of as The Golden Age of Downtempo ... you'll hear tracks from Guardner, Walkner Moestl, Yonderboi, Afterlife, A Forest Mighty Black and much more (the complete set-list is here) including a track from the 1986 David & David release Boomtown ... this might be the only place in the world today where you're gonna hear that one poppin' up, so don't miss the opportunity.  You might want to check out the cover art also ... it's an unattributed illustration from the movie listings pages of a long-ago New Yorker magazine, a publication which offers a wonder-world of miscellaneous images for someone with a scanner ....

A bit about the upcoming vacation can be found in FLYpaper ... probably more interesting to check in on the results, though.  Look for it in a couple of weeks.... 

That new dub mix, DubFounded  (set-list here ) did get uploaded and is now streaming for your listening pleasure on mmRadio ... if summer isn't treating you right, check it out ... it may just do the trick.  Other new mixes have been added to the stream recently, including sets from Moto, Noki Lytel and Andycub ... you can check the schedule here.

I'd like to give a big BeatConscious hug to Putumayo Records, a fine indie label specializing in World Music, with some of the best-looking CD packaging in the business.  They've recently sent me a handful of releases including World Hits, Gypsy Groove and my favorite, A New Groove, which includes a wonderful track by Radio Citizen, among many other solid tracks.  Putumayo releases are just the thing to satisfy your musical wanderlust, and if you are a parent, you'll be interested to know that they have line of children's music as well.  This is the kind of label I'm talking about when I'm talking about supporting the little guys who try to do more than just reproduce last year's top 40 hits ... give them a shot.

In addition, my gratitude to all the individual musicians, singers and producers who have contacted me with links to their newest creations ... I'm anticipating a busy fall season, turning all this great material into some new indie-focused mixes for the BeatConscious show. 

As promised, there's a new Dub set about to start streaming on mmRadio ... you can check out the set-list for DubFounded  here ... I'm not sure when it will join the stream ... storms in the area this Sunday evening make for tricky times when trying to upload ... I may just let it rest until the morning ... Much respect to Sly Devil for his assistance on this one ... we tried to make it a tag team but I think technology got in the way this time.  At any rate, we laid it down several months ago when we both confessed we weren't feeling it ... But there were a couple of tracks that I'd brought to the set (and one or two of Sly D's) that I just couldn't get out of my mind, so (with his kind consent) I went back, took another look and cobbled together one sweet hour of Dub for our listening pleasure.  Use the "hear me on Beatmixing.com" link in the left panel to check the show sometime over the next week ... it'll be there.

By special request, the latest mix to hit the BeatConscious show on mmRadio is a rework of a mixtape / compilation from the year 2000 ... Adulthood Redux.  Featuring tracks taken from a couple of early 90's retro-ish releases from Robert Palmer, a Betty Carter release from 1992 and a collection of Chet Baker tracks recorded in the 50's, the original version of Adulthood Redux was intended as a break from the rock, new age and electronica that dominated the home stereo in those days.  More significantly, at least in terms of my progress as a selector and a mixologist, it was made before MixMeister came on the scene.

The 2007 rework of this jazz/lounge vocal compilation takes advantage not only of having MixMeister on hand, but also the new tunage that has accumulated in the intervening years ... tracks from Norah Jones, Worldwide Groove Corporation and the Porter Project now round out the mix, and the closing spot has been claimed by Cassandra Wilson, whose 1995 release, New Moon Daughter included an exquisite remake of Neil Young's Harvest Moon ... you can view the complete set-list on the mmRadio set-lists page

Next up, expect a new Dub release ... this one grew out of a tag-team that lost its mojo and was briefly abandoned ... but summer always calls forth the dub stylee, and this summer is no different.  More on this release when it hits the airwaves later this month.... 

Back on track with our regular programming from the BeatConscious show on mmRadio, and that means a new mix uploaded for your holiday listening pleasure (if July 4th is one of the holidays you celebrate....)  Independence Day is a natural for springing one more mix that features a selection of indie music makers ... familiar names like NickNack, Paul & Price, Sanchez Dub and Autopilot ... and newer discoveries such as Kid Gusto.  Check out Can You Hear Me Now? (Whispering to Myself) on the current stream ....

Wildfires vs. floods ... somewhere, there's middle ground, and the folks standing on it will no doubt be celebrating this Fourth with fireworks, in the time-honored way ... For a look at how we handle these issues in Florida, check out FLYpaper ... ooops, did I say we?

Tuesday, June 26th -- Day of Silence.  Of course, I'm talking about the attempt that will be made by webcasters who are under the RIAA royalty gun, to help all internet radio listeners comprehend just what they will be missing if the music industry coalition of major labels, RIAA and SoundExchange succeed in imposing punitive royalty rates on independent webcasters ... rates that would in most cases meet or exceed the total of any monies these webcasters receive for their radio broadcasting efforts. 

As you may be aware, many webcasters are simply people who love music and love the sensation of introducing people -- strangers! -- to all their favorite tunage and, in the process, creating new music lovers who will be new music buyers as well.  You could call us hobbyists ... though that can sound a bit dismissive ... but what you generally can't call us is businesses.  Certainly not in the sense of selling products (or selling advertising) and making a living (or, indeed, any income at all) from our efforts.

(Read more ... )

And look for our broadcasts to resume on June 27th.


Thanks to all who may have exercised extreme patience during the Day of Silence observation ... if at least one of you was encouraged to contact your representative in Congress and voice your support for independent webcasters (and, by extension, the independent recording artists who benefit from non-mainstream radio exposure) then I'm satisfied.  We now return you to your regular programming.

A new mix has been posted for June, as well as a rework of a mix from late December 2003 called Bassic Blue which had some transitions tweaked and got a new ending ... both this and the new indie music set Dizzy Moon are streaming now on mmRadio ... as usual, I invite you to join us there.  To help you get a sense of what's on offer, I've redirected the BeatConscious show stream onto my mmRadio page ... it will give you a good idea of what's on that particular show, but remember that mmRadio has other channels (House, Trance, extreme mixing and a station called Selector's Choice for folks who just don't want to be limited to a single style.  All this is commercial-free radio, fully licensed and royalty-paying, and we'd love to have you stop by and hear what we do.

And now ... back to work on the next BeatConscious show ...

New mix up for May, and this includes an update of the BeatConscious broadcast on Live365 (still wondering what happened to April but let's take it as a given that I was busy with RL ....)  You can read the write-up here, but the quick tip is that this is a new indie-heavy set with material by The Warheads, Worldwide Groove Corporation, Autopilot, Freddie Cruger / Red Astaire, Fila Brazillia, Afternoons in Stereo, Amy Winehouse and Skalpel.  Bear in mind, it's not all brand-new stuff (the Amy Winehouse track is from 2003, for instance) but if it's new to you, then ... hey, it's new.  If you are new to the whole BeatConscious phenomenon and mmRadio in general, this page will help you sort it out.

There's more to come in this same vein, as Modus Vivendi has been generous, as have the good folks at Vice Lounge, and Downtempo Dojo's own Saru ... in addition, an absolutely excellent podcast from Properly Chilled (Propercast 5) inspired me to go shopping for more of the Paul & Price releases available on CDBaby (and, yes, I bought other stuff while I was there ... when you figure out how to resist, drop me a line.)  Oh, and there's more, indeed there is more ... I get to hear it, and if you want to hear it also, then you'd best get busy writing to your legislators to mobilize them in the fight to save net radio ... do it while you still have the option, and while there's still the chance that your voice will help persuade Congress to do the right thing for ALL PEOPLE, not just the suits of the music industry.  Eyethanque.

It's good to have something positive to report for a change, and here's my up:  the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio has a new co-host ... [drum roll] Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Moto!  A resident of Berlin and one-time professional DJ, Moto knows downtempo to its core and has contributed some breathtakingly lovely mixes to the station over the past year.  Just as important, he has a firm grasp of the MixMeister software and can help our community members find their way to getting the best results when they sit down to work.  I'm delighted to have a co-host at last, and one so perfectly suited to that task ... we'll see what our synergy can bring to the station in the way of fresh ideas to lure you into listening and perhaps even submitting a mix for the station ... if you are new to all this and want a sample of our sound, please visit the mmRadio page here at BeatConscious.

Florida residents are well aware of the heat, the smoke and the haze this weekend ... both Florida and Georgia are suffering through a stretch of wildfire activity just now ... inside is the place to be at the moment. 

And so it goes....

There's been a short reprieve in the imposition of punitive royalty rates for internet radion stations while your Congressional representatives take time to hear from you (the voters) about the current music industry attempt to take away your choice to hear the music you like best -- see below for a more complete look at this issue, or go to Live365's very informative page on this issue -- the page includes links for contacting your representatives, so you can tell them how much online radio and your right to hear the music YOU choose means to you ... remember to point out to them that regular radio stations do not have to share this royalty burden, which is discriminatory, and that independent recording artists (the "mom and pop" business level of all music) depend on internet radio to give them the free advertising and promotion they could never afford on their own.   If these new punitive royalty rates go into effect, no one will win except the major label publishing firms -- they will rake in the music copyright money that the artists signed over to them in order to get a recording deal to begin with.

Thanks for your help in fighting this good fight.

Who's that girl?

Yes, it's a little distraction, but that doesn't mean I want you to stop thinking about how Congress is about to bow to the RIAA and other forces of the corporate music industry, to take away internet radio and once again attempt to limit your listening choices ... to make your listening choices a sacrifice in the vain attempt to save a dying business model, not -- as industry flacks have convinced their Congressional counterparts to believe -- to provide greater rewards and incentives to the artists themselves (see this comment by David Byrne on that subject) but merely to maintain the corporate money stream.

That girl would've been marching in the streets to protest this ... and so much more.  Wonder what she's doing today instead? Hmmm, probably she's doin' this....

Well, actually, I also spent some time updating the Live365 stream ....

Hmmm, something about this year has me moving at a really glacial pace ... maybe it was the hyperactivity of the Christmas mix tag-team sessions in late 2006, or maybe some other circumstance, but it's been slow goin' for sure here in the FLYspace....  No radio show for January, and I'm just now getting around to posting about the February and March shows.

But what's worse is that there may be no shows at all in future, if the new attempt to strangle internet radio through the imposition of punitive new royalty rates has success.  You can read about this challenge to all your favorite online broadcasts here in FLYpaper.

If you need help getting worked up over this looming disaster, consider this from a post by RJ Eskow on Huffpost....

... The words of Lao Tzu are more true now than ever: "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." So the RIAA should stop shouting while we're trying to listen.

And they should stop trying to use police-state tactics to force a generation of music lovers into buying their product. How's that going to turn them into loyal customers - through the Stockholm effect?

First, a quick recap of my position on the matter. Dylan's right and the record companies are putting out mostly crap. The "industry" has become a blind machine, a runaway Moloch whose ears are a thousand deaf microphones.

Meanwhile the Internet has made more music available than ever, in an ocean of digital information so vast that users can't navigate it to find the information they want. So listeners need to find voices they can trust and use them as guides.

And we need to protect Internet music from the usurious new royalty rates being imposed by the government. Let the words of the poet Diane Di Prima (and Patti Smith) inspire you.

As an experiment, I took a contrarian position on digital rights management because I'd like to see musicians and songwriters have a chance to earn a living. I'll reverse my position on DRM now, because I've been convinced by all the people who wrote me to notes of disagreement after I put up that post. They're right: the Music Industry Moloch will always misuse that kind of power.

To extract the music we want from that vast ocean, and to help musicians thrive, we need to encourage the kinds of navigational beacons people are trying to design through sites like Bluebeat.com and Dylan's own radio show. Once people have tools to find the music they love and haven't heard yet, even the most niche-oriented music can find its audience and survive.

David Byrne made a number of similar points this week in a presentation at South-By-Southwest called "Record Companies: Who Needs Them?" He points out that for digital music "there's no manufacturing or distribution costs, but somehow the artist ended up with the exact same amount.''

Funny how that happens. Production costs went down when the industry moved from vinyl to CD, too - and the prices went up. But the artists didn't get a penny more.


That's why I agree with Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle about the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit. Even though I want artists to get paid, YouTube winds up looking like the hero on this one. Viacom's assertion that they've lost $1 billion in revenue is absurd.

If Viacom had been aggressive, creative, and smart in taking advantage of Internet technology they might have lost a few million because of YouTube. Instead, like the rest of the industry they sat around and did nothing until the hive mind stepped in and filled the vacuum with something else. They haven't lost a nickel.

The spiritual, moral, and legal principle for me is "Use it or lose it." They didn't use it. They should write off past revenues. Then they should sit down with Google and figure out how to generate a modest amount of revenue for this, most of which goes back to the artists. If not, let a hundred YouTubes flourish. Let a thousand Napsters contend.

The Internet holds tremendous potential for germinating new artists and preserving current ones. It could also turn into another sterile, corporate-manipulated outlet for manufactured units of sound. masquerading as music. We don't know yet which way it will go.

You can read the entire post AND post your comments (if you register) HERE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rj-eskow/david-byrne-drm-viacom_b_43654.html

Please note: All legislation is put into place by the people you elect when you exercise your right to vote. Get involved; take the time to recognize that politics reaches into every corner of your life; get out there and ask candidates questions on the issues that affect you the most ... and if someone you have voted for isn't living up to their campaign promises, be sure to let them know how you feel about that.

Here's a tip from Chauncey Canfield, musician, internet radio (Groove Palace) and live DJ, and Capitol Hill staffer in one of his other lives:  Write your letters the conventional way, don't email your representatives.  Emails don't count, they don't have the same impact on the Congressional mailroom that bags and bags of letters from constituents have.  Play to win and write that letter. 

There was (another) newspaper story recently about the precipitous decline in CD sales ... it is important to understand that the music industry perceives listening to internet radio as something people do instead of buying and listening to CDs ... there is a determination within the music industry to make up the revenue shortfall in CD sales either by boosting royalties from internet radio or by eliminating internet radio altogether via the punitive royalty rate increase. So, when writing to your representatives, the importance of internet radio exposure to the building of music careers must be emphasized; the strong appeal of niche-emphasis internet radio (vs. the out-of-a-box nationwide corporate radio format) might also be stressed.  Point is, we need to not just ask to be given a break on the fees but must demonstrate a value that internet radio provides to the industry at the same time.

OK, done with that rant and off to write my own letter to my representatives ... In the meantime, check out the Live365 page for a couple of BeatConscious stream updates ("New Again" and "Slow Goin' -- Empathy 2.0" also playing now on mmRadio) and you can find the set-lists here.

Just a tiny update, no huge musical news ... I can direct your attention to FLYpaper, if you are in a political frame of mind this morning ... meanwhile, Northern Europe and a large swath of the American midsection are more focused on the after-effects of recent wind and ice storms ... storms and their after-effects are matters of continuing interest to Floridians, of course, so it's always instructive to see how others handle their portion of misery and what ideas emerge for dealing with the clean-up and other related issues.  Additional thoughts about storms and their national financial impacts is available for your consideration on FLYpaper also.

Work on various tag-teams continues in the MixMeister Community.  I mentioned the Dubwise effort with Sly Devil (see below) but there is also a new and interesting version of the tag team as proposed by Omlette Brothers, which involves a number of us reinventing one another's sets ... we've set a time-frame of one month and hope to amaze one another with the fresh approach we bring to each project.  And of course, I push ahead on the next Indie showcase mix....

OK, I'd say I had a fairly smooth start to the New Year and hope it was the same for you ....  Maybe it's a sign of how mellow everyone was during the holidays, but after the Christmas show had run its course on mmRadio, the newest submission was an ambient set from Moto ... which encouraged me to reintroduce a couple of my own ambient sets from back in the day (the set-lists are here), which seemed to strike a number of listeners the right way because the sets are getting lots of love in the feedback sections of the MM Community forums ... I'm definitely getting my warm'n'fuzzies on for this New Year and it's got me thinking about pulling together a new ambient set while the mood is fresh.

In addition, there's a new dub tag team effort underway with Sly Devil ... and some exceptional new (to me) indie music has arrived which I was delighted to hear ... be on the look-out for The Warheads, in particular -- they really impressed me on this Saturday morning

Speaking of indie music, mea culpa on the BeatConscious Reviews page, which has been woefully neglected through most of this year ... no excuses, I've just posted most of the commentary that belongs on that page over on the MM Community Forum page I use for my Declaration of Independents ... and even there, the most recent entry dates from August 06 ... so it's clear that I have work to do   To all the generous musicians who have kept me up-to-date on their new releases and activities, I thank you for keeping me in the loop and I'll be working on my reviews page update throughout this month ...

But right now ... gotta run ....

Another contribution (my own) to the ongoing philosophical look at music currently in progress on Brainscan is a bit from a Lewis Thomas book I recently came across ... would love to see suggestions for more of this sort of music-related musing coming in from my well-read visitors ... step up, folks

(01-01-07 note:  Thanks to BessW who did step up, with an immensely interesting article from the NYT, on the work of Dr. Daniel Levitin ... check out Music of the Hemispheres on Brainscan.)

And, as always, check FLYpaper for other signs of intelligent life....



Seems like just last week we were getting ready for Christmas ... because it was just last week, of course.  As you might expect, the 100% Christmas playlist has been retired until next year, and the playlist has turned over (and is much shortened, for the moment.)  Ambient is in favor on the BeatConscious stream right now, just perfect for those drifty days in between the holidays, under the influence of (perhaps) too much food and drink ... I hope you had all that you wanted this year.

But we're through it now and on to the next annual milestone: New Year's. 

And with that in mind, my card (it's an e-card this year, thanks to a rebellious printer.)  Selby Gardens was in full flower when we visited in October ...

 Fortunately for me -- in the struggle between the impulse to join friends at a party and the impulse to stay off the streets of a town where recreational drinking and driving figures large -- mmRadio Host, Wildr (Selector's Choice) contributed a four-hour New Year's Eve party set (which I'm listening to as I type) crafted to coincide -- for London-dwellers, anyway -- with the Bells of Big Ben (did I get that right, Roy?)  And for me it means the celebratory moment will come well before midnight, when I would have missed it anyway....

The Christmas music countdown continues on mmRadio.  In addition to Deckin' the Downtempo, the 2006 Christmas Tagteam Two from me 'n' Buster the Vanilla Gorilla, another of the MixMeister community DJs has contributed a short set of Xmas mashup materials from The VoiceDude ... you can read the write-up here, and there's also a link provided to the VoiceDude's website.  To listen, just click the links provided on the MM pages, if you check out the write-ups, or you can cut to the chase via the "Hear me on Beatmixing.com" linky in the left-side panel of this page ... Doesn't matter how you get there, join us anytime for music of the season ... and remember, by Sunday night, it will be an all holiday-music show.  You'll also want to remember that if you've been very, very good this year, there's a link on this page for you so that you can share of musical Christmas glow whenever and wherever you are ... drop down a bit to find that .

Christmas weekend update:  You'll also find that the last of the 2006 Xmas mixes -- Spiritus FLY -- has been uploaded to the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio (use the Hear me on Beatmixing.com linky on the left) and it has also joined the other presents under the BeatConscious tree.

So, that's what's been keeping me busy, that and getting a few presents together for the small circle of friends, adapting to changes in the workplace (no doubt there will be a FLYpaper post on that situation as it develops )

Well, I'll let you go ... after all, it's the last weekend before Christmas and I know you've still got shopping and other preparation to do ...

The Christmas music countdown has begun on mmRadio.  I'm adding one new Christmas set each week, and at the same time, taking down some of the music that's been streaming on the station throughout this year ... by the weekend of the 23rd and lasting through Christmas Day, there will be just the seasonal sets, to help you keep your glow on for the holiday....

As noted in the previous post (see below), there's one Xmas tag-team already streaming and another one is on the way; in addition, I've decided to try a solo set that's more about the real old-school Christmas sound: chant and plainsong ... mixed in with a little bit of ambient beats and one or two other remixed seasonal songs ... just so we'll have a little something for every taste this Christmas.

I did add one holiday mix to the Live365 version of the BeatConscious stream ... sadly, the DMCA compliance rules make creating a Christmas show for L365 really hard, since they limit the number of times a song or an artist or an album can be played within a certain time frame ... and since, as we all know, the available roster of classic Christmas tracks remixed for the downtempo crowd involves a certain amount of duplication (though a tremendous amount of variation in style) that's of little or no significance to the DMCA bots that check the streams for compliance ... so I really recommend listeners in a holiday mood to head on over to the beatmixing.com version of BeatConscious (via that logo on the left panel, just under the word ONLINE) and get your party on over there.... mmRadio won't cramp our style.

Now, for those of you who have been good this year (and I mean really, really good) ... it seems fair that you should have the chance to experience the Christmas glow, too ... so, if you qualify (that is, if you have been really good this year) then look here and you'll find a little present under the virtual tree .... remember to stop back by each week, as the newer additions will become available closer to Christmas....

Then there are the folks who've been really, really bad ... well, comments about that bunch can be found on FLYpaper (link on the left side of this page....)

If I don't talk to you again before the day ... have yourself a merry little Christmas, OK?

Holiday time is drawing closer ... first we have a three-day weekend, courtesy of Veteran's Day ... for my thoughts on things in the armed forces vein, you can check-out FLYpaper (link on the left, another below)...

As noted in the last post, there is a Christmas tagteam afoot with Buster the Vanilla Gorilla; part one is finished and we've just started assembling part two ... but not a peep on this until the end of the month.  Curiousity can be somewhat satisfied with a look at the set-list, recently added to the mmRadio set-lists page.  Otherwise, it's like a package under the tree ... not to be opened before time.

Does that mean there's nothing new to hear?  Oh, by no means ... Among the other tagteams in progress recently was an atmospheric drum'n'bass set that Moto and I decided to do using the previous version of MixMeister (just to see if our fond recollections of its ease of use were actually true) ... but this one is coming along slowly, due to RL work schedules; however, it got me to thinking about updating one of the three DnB sets I originally did by special request back in August 2003.  Two of them were too awesome to need changing, but the third one seemed ripe for a reworking ... you can get a look at the set-list and you can see the cover for Atmospheric Conditions by following the links.  (By the way, big up to Karen Cipolla's futuristic photography (also dating from sometime in 2002-3) which has supplied the visual theme for my CD wallet cover art.)  I did my rework chores using the newest MixMeister, Studio 7, and found it works pretty well with this sort of music, which needs less in the way of beat-matching and more in the way of clever transitions....

Oh, and when the subject turns to tagteams ... there's this house tagteam that's been talked about for ages and ages ... so tell me, L2, are we gonna kick it this time?  You know who you are.....

So, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it ...

Well, I've been bad ... not very bad, but bad enough to get scolded just a little ... because, once again, I have been tardy.  I promised a link exchange to someone whose life evidently moves at a pace more brisk than my own ... upon being reproached with my lackluster performance, I had to explain that I simply don't update BeatConscious.org very frequently (a fact which my readers know all too well ... but OTOH my readers are likely to appreciate the fact that they don't need to check the site out every day or every week, since there are by now probably a billion other sites that they have bookmarked in addition to mine.)  At any rate, James contacted me in response to the handful of 80s mixes I have created for the two BeatConscious streams, asking about a link exchange and I agreed ... and you will find a link to his site here.  I hope his visitors, who may be specialists in 80s music, aren't disappointed, upon following the reciprocal link he posted for me, to find that BeatConscious casts its nets a bit wider than strictly 80s music ... otherwise, I'm likely to get scolded for false advertising

Alrighty then, let's talk about Myspace the scary place ... In the news this past Halloween week was a little heads-up for folks who have posted music on their Myspace sites -- if you are not the copyright holder of the works in question, Myspace says take the music down or we'll take your site down and ban you for life.  I hear the sound of many mouse-clicks in the land, as Myspace users rush to comply (or is that clicking coming from some other place entirely?)  At any rate, ever respectful of the rights of others, I have removed the blog link I had posted to the Dining with Sven set, so if you are interested in catching it, please join me at either of the two BeatConscious streams (Live365 or mmRadio -- links available in that panel on the left side of your screen.) 

And finally ... here come the holidays.  First, my favorite, Thanksgiving ... and then, a more musical opportunity, Christmas.  I've just wrapped up a Christmas tagteam with Buster the Vanilla Gorilla (Texas, USA) which, we think, is the first of two we'll do for this year.  Theoretically, the first set carries more of the party vibe while we expect the second set to be a bit more  downtempo in spirit.  The results will be added to the stream on mmRadio beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving, along with a couple of my seasonal sets from the past two years ... I expect to trim the existing playlist bit by bit until, by Christmas Day, only the holiday music is streaming ... then we'll build it back up again.  So, if you find yourself in the mood for Christmas sounds this year, you'll know where to turn.

So ... are we good?

OK, more about that Dining with Sven mix I mentioned (see below) ... check out the set-list here and take a look at the CD cover art here ... I've posted that cover on Myspace as well ... and if you check the Dining with Sven blog entry on that myspace page, you might even catch the mix ....

Update on the Phraseology mix recently uploaded -- finally pulled together a bit of cover art on that one and you'll find it posted on the Covers page if you're curious.  This one should be up on the Live365 station by the end of the weekend.

Time for a bit of myspace news ... not about the latest virus you can catch there ... but to acknowledge adds from two of my long-time favorite musical entities, Sven van Hees and The Dining Rooms ... so glad you both found me!  Your music is an inspiration ... in fact, there's a Dining with Sven-themed mix being pulled together right now in the BeatConscious studio ... a long weekend lends itself to new projects, and although I'm mostly spending my time trying to decide on a new notebook to buy (pace 1999's Gateway Solo, which stubbornly resisted all my efforts to restore it to full functionality), I can't resist the buzz of a new project. 

In addition to nods from Sven and Stefano & Cesare, I was happy to add the Modus Vivendi guys to the friends section ... they note that their website (modusvivendimusic.com) is "under construction" for the moment, but you can easily find them on myspace ... visit my page and click on their icon from there ... Modus is well worth the time.

Travel along the Fusion learning curve continues ... Phraseology tracks the progress, just as it tells the tale (not the Fusion tale, however.)   Most tracks are jazz-inflected though you'll also bump up against Morcheeba if you stick around ... I had some simply riveting notes on this mix that became inacessible when the lappy decided to take the night off (or perhaps it's some more permanent vacation....)  At any rate, the set-list is here, the mix is streaming on mmRadio this weekend, and by next weekend, my L365 station will have it as well.  You could probably write the notes yourself ...  Once again, I should issue a headphone alert ... if you can, then I think it's safe to say you'll be rewarded.

Interesting week coming up ... and a short one, work-wise.  Looking ahead to lots of drama and then the long weekend.  No, you didn't miss entering a holiday in your palmpilot ... it's just me using up the personal days off before they expire on Oct. 1st.

A new tag team set has debuted on mmRadio, this time on the Selector's Choice show, rather than the BeatConscious stream ... A Little Something blends the skills of MadameFLY and Moto (Berlin, Germany) and the contents of our combined crates in a mix that's equal parts abstract and sexy ... catch this one online and let us know your response (you can post to the forum thread linked above by registering for the MM Community -- you don't have to be a MixMeister user to stream the radio station and leave your comments about what you've heard.  Join us there!)

Later this long weekend, I'll be uploading a new mix from the 80s Radio series I've been having fun with this summer:  Save Your Tears ... While talking to a friend over the weekend, conversation strayed to past relationships and regrets over their endings ... when I turned my attention back to this latest 80s radio mix, I realized this was the 80s break-up set ... providentially, I had already entitled it Save Your Tears....  You know this is territory we've all spent time in ... maybe you got lucky and only visited once ... but I know you know ....  So let this mix be your guilty pleasure, a way to once more process some of that emotion we've all felt over the end of the affair ... after all, deep emotion is the BeatConscious stock in trade....

For those who know where to look, I'll be adding a link to the proper page for this one ... but anyone can visit the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio and hear it, or if you'd rather wait, you'll eventually find it streaming from my Live365 station.

Another indie-focused set has been uploaded to mmRadio's BeatConscious stream ... and yes, it is difficult to keep up with the fabulous flow of music this summer ... there are some very hard-working musicians and producers out there who are keeping me busy while they're keeping me happy ... For a run-down on the newest new, check out the set notes here, and for info on the musicians with links to their websites, check out the latest addition to the Declaration of Independents.  You'll be reading about such favorites as  J*S*T*A*R*S, NickNack, DJ GreyV and Parov Stelar plus these fantastic new names: VenueConnection, Vice Lounge, Mudville, Digital Cutup Lounge, Paul and Price, Felix Laband, Natalie Walker ... and more.  The show's title is ..Improving on Relaxation.. and you can view the set-list here.

This mix has also hit the Live365 broadcast ... I had to take down one of my favorite tag team mixes to make room for it ... but for anyone else that also loved Bee & Flower (a collaboration with The A.o.E.) you can still find it on the stream page where sample mixes from the show are posted to entice you into visiting one of the streams ....

Once again, storm clouds are overhead, thunder and lightning stalk the land and I'm probably going to have to pull the plug here, at least momentarily ... all while giving thanks that on this August 13th, two years from the day Hurricane Charley touched down and blasted half my town to rubble, we are still here and having a somewhat quieter summer ... so far.

As promised, the newest mix uploaded to the BeatConscious streams throws the spotlight on new music that's come my way this spring/summer ... keep reading to the next entry below, you'll see more about the folks that have been ringing my bell recently: Soma Sonic, Compulsive Behavior (Jacques Peretti), J*S*T*A*R*S, Nontourist (Andrew Kamm), DJ Grey V ...  and a big up to Brandon and Properly Chilled.com for the Digging Down 01 compilation featuring Mush Records artists ... If you want to know more, I suggest checking out the set-list, and you can catch a more detailed write-up of the artists in my Declaration of Independents and the tracks in the BeatConscious section of the Beatmixing Community forums....

I'd write more, but I hear the thunder! 

August 5th addition:  I've updated the Peace page ... and also FLYpaper, just a little ... and I've put a new sample mix on the Stream page  (Empathy -- it kinda goes with the day's rants -- check it out.)  Now I'm back to work ...

Wrapped up a third rework for My 80's Radio series (see below) ... Version Girl joins the list, featuring the backbeat, reggae-inspired side of 80s music: UB40, Grace Jones (word:  her Walking in the Rain was downtempo before "downtempo" was a working concept....) Prince, Dennis Edwards, Joan Armatrading, Simply Red, Prince, an inspired ur-Dub outing from John Martyn (Lee Perry is smiling), and more.... Don't resist this one, it's too sweet to miss.

But this may be the last bit of 80s stylin' for a while, people, because the new music is just flooding in ... in addition to the roll call of new releases below, I've also received the new 2-disc set from Soma Sonic entitled Sim-pli-ci-ty which has some truly gorgeous moments on it, and just over the holiday weekend, the good folks at 23 Records dropped a handful of J*S*T*A*R*S advance tracks on me that literally had me dancing in my seat, on my seat and around my seat ... this stuff is seriously on fire!   I also hear that friends from the downtempo mailing list, including the good people at Bastard Jazz, are dropping new tracks and the Modus Vivendi folks are gearing up for a European tour ... these are good times for music lovers, so don't sleep....  And watch this space for news of the next new set to go up on the BeatConscious streams on mmRadio and Live365 (look left for links....)

Wrapped up a second rework for My 80's Radio series (see below) ... look for More Than This on the playlists for the Live365 station and for the stream from mmRadio.  This new mix focuses on much the same group of artists as the first set:  Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Simple Minds, Eurythmics, U2, The Pretenders and Eurogliders ... that sound.  I was thinking about that 80s sound and the flowering of synth (Depeche Mode comes to mind also) and how really effective synth washes are the audio equivalent of a full-body vibrator ... this would be particularly true if you found yourself in a club with a fine sound system, experiencing those synth washes washing over you at top volume ... but even on the FLY home stereo, they produce the full effect.  If you haven't heard it in a while, I recommend listening to the New Order track Your Silent Face from Power, Corruption and Lies and you can test out my theory in the privacy of your own home....

In that perfect yin-yang balance that life occasionally serves up, while I'm having fun ripping all the old vinyl and building sets out of my favorite tracks from 1980-90, the new music keeps flowing in ... new purchases from my revived subscription to emusic.com (they so rock these days, more and more fine labels are identifying the emusic experience as the one the customer wants, without all that DRM ugliness), as well as the occasional physical CD purchase from Amazon.com (Mudville caught my eye, as well as the newly-remastered Byrne/Eno classic My Life in the Bush of Ghosts -- the buzz here is the disappearance of one of the original tracks, Qu'ran, which we can only suppose is the result of concern over reaction of the same community that took offense at the Dutch cartoons).  And there's been a boatload of music from independent artists -- K is hard at work in the studio creating the next release, and I've heard from folks like Matthew Kamm and Hans Timmermans, who are both doing abstract/ambient downtempo, and Doctor Echo, whose latest release, Echo Evahlastin, featuring Solange St. Croix, is amazing and beautiful, a huge step forward in the evolution of his sound.  And I'm eagerly awaiting the new release from All India Radio, scheduled for July ....

For non-music news, check FLYpaper where the buzz is all about the first storm of the season to form in the Gulf ...

I'll be at work restoring my contact links here on the site now that my site host and I have done the necessary to 86 the spoofed emails that were flooding out of the talkback mailbox (somebody who has contacted me in the past evidently has a virus ... see the mini-fluster comments immediately below this post....) but first I'll be wrapping up my 25th Anniversary Rework of my top mix sets from the 80s ... the first to hit the airwaves will be The Main Thing

From 1980 onward, my music world was dominated by Roxy Music, The Eurythmics, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Simple Minds, U2, Yaz, The English Beat, Joan Armatrading, UB40, The Clash, Grace Jones ... the list goes on and on.  That's what you'll hear as the first of these reworked sets become available ... I hope it brings back good memories for ya ... a lot of my musical preferences from that time prefigured the electronic dance and downtempo headset I'd grow into 20 years on, but what I'm struck by now, as I audition this stuff for the new work, is how freakin energizing it is! 

Oh, btw, that vacation rundown (mercifully brief) is posted now on FLYpaper ... as well as a link to the best media hit I encountered while in LA....

That amazing performance inspired me to a bit of bustin chops of my own ... read the screed against the insurance companies on FLYpaper.

And another new mix appears on the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio (though not yet here, alas ... vacation interrupted my routine, and you can read about that on FLYpaper, soon.)  The new set is called Changing My Medicine and celebrates new music from Shine (France) and Vice Lounge (USA), as well as indie remixes from DJ River and Afternoons in Stereo ... check out the set-list here.

In addition to the music and vacation activity, I've had to spend an afternoon going thru the BeatConscious site culling out my handy email links, since they've been being hijacked by spammers too lame to get a real job ... WTF guys, I work ... how about you?  Oh well, no doubt they are feeling all superior about their chosen field ... in the meantime, no more form submittals, no more email links to click ... if you want to contact me, you'll just have to use your initiative and email me the old-fashioned way ... you know, where you actually type in the addy yourself.  Send it to anyname care of this site and I'll receive it (or so I'm told.)

Whatever you do, don't call me on the telephone ... cause they're listening, ya know.  More about all that on FLYpaper as well ... just need another day in the weekend to cobble it all together .... Maybe over the 3-day weekend coming up.

Another new one up for your listening pleasure, and once again, it's a tag team affair with Sly Devil ... I saw a post he made about his musical interests/influences which included R&B/Soul ... and that reminded me: What about that Quiet Storm mix I keep meaning to do?  I imagined that working with someone as talented as Sly Devil would give it a bit more of that special sauce, and I wasn't wrong.  But you make up your own mind: you can catch the set on mmRadio and also on Live365, and of course, the set-list is here.  Look for ..Quiet Storm..

A few new mixes have been added, both to the mmRadio stream and to Live365 ... you can see what's up on the L365 stream page ... and, of course, mmRadio has a separate thread in the forums for each mix posted.  The two newest efforts each have a theme, so to speak:

All I Had was a mix occasioned by the promotional release of All We Are, a collaboration between DigitalEvolution's K and THE NAME, a Vancouver-area band ... this is a righteous downtempo track with all the goodies: big instrumentation, swanky vocals and style style style ... too good not to play, and I thought, why just me?  So I proposed a Downtempo Bakeoff to some of my former tagteam buddies at MixMeister and a number of them took up the challenge ... to hear all the entries and to read more about the team effort, check out the Downtempo Bakeoff thread on the mmCommunity Forum.

Coming home one day, listening to NPR, I heard an interview with some of the Big Chiefs, New Orleans men who usually dress up in Indian costumes for the Mardi Gras celebrations ... as you might have noticed, those celebrations were noticeably subdued this year, and the two men interviewed, Darryl Montana and Larry Bannock, spoke about the current reality ....  Well, I couldn't get their words out of my head, and before too long, a mix was coming into shape around those words ... I called it Empathy and I hope you'll catch it online, here (briefly) or on one of the BeatConscious streams.

Do check out today's update on FLYpaper ... great news in addition to the post below: new mix, new links and a fabulous update on the History of My World....

It's moving right along, this web site update of mine ... I've noted on FLYpaper where you can find some of the new features, content updates and design changes ... of course, a week or so of testing will be required to ensure that all the links go where they are supposed to ... if you find something that's broken, you know I'll want to hear about it, so please send me word via email to "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg.  In the meantime, welcome new features like a Now Playing window keeping track of the stream on Live365 for you -- stop by and see what's on the air now....

For those who use the navigation element on the left side of this page, there are two significant changes: the Interactive Playlist is gone, replaced by the BeatConscious Style Guide which may prove amusing and informative ... and there's now a link to My Nightlife (which is mostly a web site "table of contents") to assist you in figuring out what this site has to offer....

One of the features that I've added is a short History of My World ... it's really also an elaborate introduction to the recent release of Two Thousand and Six the first new album in ages from acid jazz gods, Heights of Abraham ... and you can hear a track from the new album on the two latest sets to be uploaded to the BeatConscious broadcast on mmRadio, Melt and At the AcidLounge Tonite ...

And I'm working on a Mix Manifesto ... now that should be interesting ...


Previous Features:


And say goodbye until next year to the Christmas mix ... the chance to follow that link (previously posted below) is now over.

Time for the year-end wrap up again ... and contemplating that task has led me to a little discovery ... looking back over the nearly two dozen mixes created this year for the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio (including tag teams) I find that only about 20 tracks TOTAL were from 2005 releases.  Does this mean nothing worthy came out in 2005?  Hardly!  But it does demonstrate that I maintain a strong interest in the back catalog even as time and new music production march forward.  Only now does it pose a dilemma:  Should I do a "best of 2005" list if my year in music mostly consisted of a lingering backward glance?  You'll need to visit the Charts page in the coming days to see how this question was resolved.  In the meantime, for the downlow on the music that captured my attention this year, you can run your eye over the set-lists for this year, beginning with the entries for Winter 2004/5.

For now, just for the holidays, please join me in enjoying the Christmas mix.

Some long overdue refreshing of the site and of the Live365 stream have both been attended to ... I'm starting to believe perhaps the 2005 hurricane season is actually over and I can start getting my cyberlife activities caught up again.

On the streams page, you'll find a few new offerings to entice you to try out the BeatConscious broadcast on mmRadio and on Live365 (links to both are in the panel on the left.)  Set samples include One Draw, mentioned in the last update, as well as a recent tag team set, Bee & Flower, a collaboration with The A.o.E. (The Accumulation of Everything) from the Brighton, UK area -- a brilliant guy, a kindred soul in the music realm and an excellent tag team partner.  Can't recommend this one too highly, it's the most emotional hour of music I've heard lately (if I do say so myself -- your comments and reactions are also most welcome -- email me c/o "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg.)

Finally, the latest set to stream, Back to the Beginning, features tracks from Comfort Fit (Tokyo Dawn label) and another one from Bastard Jazz artist Jugoe's The Rust Belt ep -- an inrresistable updating of the (by now ancient) Marty Robbins track, Devil Woman ... you must hear it to believe it.

I said I'd post a note here when the MixMeister video tutorials produced by Omlette Brothers had been posted to the MM forum, and they have.  Check them out in the Workshop ... 

Post-vacation days, recovering from the indignities of travel, trying to get my house maintenance and repairs prioritized effectively and (even more difficult) actually onto some contractor’s schedule … drifting into Fall, holding my breath, waiting for the time all the shutters can come down and the windows opened up once again … longing for a little fresh.

Well, all the fresh I’m gonna get right now is in the music, so let’s go there: recommendations for new and interesting stuff are finding their way into my inbox, courtesy of friends from all over (thanks to Catharis, for the heads-up on the Bliss U.S. release, thanks to Carlos M. for the mention of Dhamaal, thanks to Christina at Citrona for the Michael DeVellis tracks, thanks to DeAnna Cool of basicLux for the very excellent and inspiring Roxy Remodeled set, and, of course, thanks to Afternoons in Stereo for everything!) 

In addition, a promo service from Canada, RadioDirectX, has been keeping me abreast of some fine jazz and dub/reggae releases. Emusic.com is once again a source for my online music purchases, albeit at a somewhat less frantic pace than when they offered unlimited downloads for the subscription price. Their liberal usage policies plus their emphasis on indie and small label music continue to win my admiration and loyalty … and much respect also to the labels that chose emusic.com over some of the other, larger players whose focus is less on customer satisfaction ….

Where can all this goodness lead if not to new musical excursions, and I invite you to join me for the latest upload to the BeatConscious show on mmRadio ... a new additon to the Dub & Dubber masterwork, this contribution is called One Draw ... I believe you will find it sufficient.

Although thoughts of the catastrophe on the Gulf Coast is really what's on my mind now, I needed to take a moment to update things here ... so you will find two new mixes on the Streams page ... more reason to entice you to tune into mmRadio when you have the chance.

Backbone is built around the tracks on Krysalid, the first release from digitalEvolution / K, featuring tracks created and polished during the first part of 2005.  The idea for this mix grew out of conversations I had with K about a performance concept blending original material played against and interacting with a mixed set ... as the conversation evolved, I thought about a mix structured around Krysalid -- making that, in effect, the backbone of the mix.  Here's the result ... the conversation continues. 

Freefall is a freeform collection of tunes, no special pattern here, just an hour's worth of gorgeous music to beguile you, winding up with a couple of vocal tracks from mid-90's -- one classic heartbreaker from chanteuse Tanita Tikarem and for the closer, an eerie dreamscape from audio artist Laurie Anderson ...  This mix is at least partly a result of my discovering a stack of Silent Poets CDs that I had bought but never ripped to the hard drive until this summer ... in fact, other than the Protassov track "Sad Days", everything in this mix dates from 2004 or before and I'm delighted to help keep all this stellar music alive. 

Now if we could just do something to keep those folks on the Gulf Coast alive....please contribute what you can to the relief effort.

Great week:  you can catch the personal details on FLYpaper, but musically speaking, the big news is that the transglobal tagteam effort, Cappuccino on the Rocks, featuring the mixing and imaginative skills of Sri Lanka's NeoFlava and Florida's MadameFLY, has finally gotten out of post-production and onto the mmRadio stream ... look for us on The Mix Factory show (not BeatConscious) and drop a comment in the forum once you've heard it.

In addition to the tagteam mix itself, we're looking into having this one added to the video streams that OmletteBrothers of the mmCommunity has been producing ... the videos give an insight into the techniques that go into making a mix using the MixMeister s/w ... and for those already familiar with the s/w, it helps you grasp just exactly what you're hearing and how the sound was assembled.  News here once that video is created.

Because it's summer and summer is the time for re-runs, I'm picking a couple of classic mixes from 2002 - 2004 to add back into the (recently trimmed-down scheduled of the) BeatConscious show on mmRadio ... first to hit will be Breakbeat Etiquette, slightly updated from the original 2003 release ... mostly just a new ending.  I trust you will enjoy a taste of Atmospheric Drum-n-Bass, and if so (or if not), I trust you'll let me know.

The storm that's kept me inside this weekend turned out to be a good opportunity to get something new uploaded to mmRadio (it's always nice when you don't lose power during one of these hurricane blow-bys.)  I want to post the newest mix on the stream page briefly, so I'm taking down the Pretty FLY mix described below ... the new joint is called In Dreams I See, and it features indie work from Bastard Jazz recording artist Jugoe and the UnfoundSound crew who contributed Miguel Tutera's remix of the Monta track "Disappointment".  I must include a special shoutout to Alejandro Ramirez -- he recently posted the playlist from his Rewind: Selector show at Orlando's Tatami Sake Lounge to the Downtempo.com mailing list ... a set which paired that "Disappointment" remix with Noiseshaper's "The Only Redeemer" (most recently heard by BeatConscious regulars in the 4th Dub & Dubber set, Tribulation Dub.) I thought, Damn! this guy has put two of my highly-rated tracks together in the mix ... gotta wonder where I would end up if I started with those ... well, so here's the answer: In Dreams I See (complete set list here).

If you listen to this mix, I think you'll agree that Jugoe's "90 West (Dub Nomad's mix)" is premium material, and check the way it arises organically out of that N.O.W. classic, "Les Nuits" ...

Speaking of classics, "Les Nuits" shares the set with "Annanas" from Tosca, "You" from an early Dining Rooms release and a couple more salvaged from oblivion.  I particularly love the shock to EDM systems delivered by MJ Cole's "I See" ... hearing a classically-trained voice do what it was trained to do.

Speaking of shocks, and meaning no offense, but does anyone remember how Americans -- is there no end to our perfidy? -- used to joke about French attempts to do rock, or even pop music? Well, the Gallic crew have come a long way over the years, what with St. Germain, Rinocerose and the steamin hot track "Au Reve" from Cassius that forms one of the deeply funky moments in the present mix and also lends the mix its name.  Respect, people....

OK, so I'm still waiting on the post-production chores on the NeoFLY tag team (touted below) to get wrapped up ... in the meantime, the show must go on and all that, so the BeatConscious show on mmRadio has had a significant housecleaning, most mixes dating from 2004 swept out and a few new items posted ... visit and check that out (you can use the link at left to access that station.)

Also in need of freshening up was this web site's Stream Page ... and so you'll find the latest additions to the radio show being featured now.  From April, there's Pretty FLY which takes it's name from the 2003 Nightmares on Wax track, "Know My Name" ... this set features indie artists Marius Melleby (three tracks -- it must be love, or certainly mad respect), Greg Long and K from his latest release, KrysalidSee the entire track list here.  

From just a few days ago in June, there's If We Try ... the sole indie contribution on this one is the track "Here We Go Now" from Ian Frost who kindly shared his music with the members of the Downtempo.com list.  You can check out more of his work at http://www.eclectiquelounge.com/ 

If you have comments on the mixes or on the content of the BeatConscious show (either on mmRadio or the separate incarnation on Live365) ... speak your mind -- I'd be happy to hear from you. via email to "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg.

I have been all about the tag teams in recent weeks ... one of the enormous pleasures of working with MixMeister is the ability it gives you to create mixes with partners online anywhere in the world ... one other person or as many as you like.  Check out FLYpaper for a quick rundown on this year's tag team activities so far....

I mention this because I am squirming with excitement over the next-to-be-released tag team venture, MmeFLY vs. NeoFlava ... we have been after this since March, and are now working on the post-production duties ... I'm hoping to see this one hit the mmRadio stream in the next week or two (that would be mid-June sometime) ... don't look for it on the BeatConscious show, however ... the music ranges far and wide (as befits a truly global and multigenerational effort) so we are aiming for the All Mixxed Up show or The Mix Factory ... details at 11.

Well, I've been spending all my energy over at mmRadio rather than here on the website, but I take it for granted you'd rather hear what I have to spin that read what I have to say ... and why not?  After all, as a wise man once said: It's in the grooves.  (And speaking of that, Live365 listeners take note: two new mixes added to the stream this fine first week of April.  check out the Set-lists page to learn more....

So, while I haven't been too busy here, my friends have been hard at work updating and enlivening their websites for your pleasure ... I especially recommend that you visit the sites of Afternoons in Stereo and K, who can be found at DigitalEvolution. Both sites are outstanding showcases for the talents they represent ... the visuals are stunning and you'll hear some exceptional music while you're there.  Both of these artists have been featured extensively on the BeatConscious stream at mmRadio and Live365; AiS has a CD available now titled Aural Pleasure and from the looks of things, there will soon be a release from DigitalEvolution as well.

Feb. 2nd: What can I say, but Ohmy?

Dub Fans!  Something new for you ... check the Stream Page for a new sample set meant to introduce you to the pleasures of the BeatConscious show on mmRadio and my own Live365 station (admittedly in need of an update.)  Volume 4 in the Dub & Dubber series, Tribulation Dub, may be just the thing for starting your year off dubbly ... thematically, I guess it's a look back at 2004 for me ... but don't let that hamper your own enjoyment.  Pay particular attention to indie contributors Sanchez Dub (Modus Vivendi artist) and Doctor Echo ... you can identify their tracks with the help of the Set-lists page.

As ever, you should hit me up via email if you find any of my musical or philosophical efforts worthy of comment ... together, we can make it better.

The Charts page now offers my official Best of 2004 list (yes, OK, I'm slow ... friends of mine have had this chore done for weeks now, I know) and as you might expect, the word for '04 will continue to be Indie ... because the light of my musical appreciation life this year has most certainly been provided by the independent artists whose work has been featured on the BeatConscious stream: Afternoons in Stereo, the Modus Vivendi bunch, K, the mad crew from Tokyo Dawn and more (for a more complete rundown, see the Reviews page.)  So what am I saying?  There were no commercial releases worth mentioning this year?  Oh, by no means ... but it's the small labels and the independent musicians hacking it out on their own that really got my respect in 2004.  And that's where I'll be looking in 2005 for more of the same inspiring and satisfying sounds.

Don't forget to check the Mixed Sets page to see what's new ... that's an early clue to what will be showing up in the 2004 Retrospective Wrap-up later this month.  The seasonal spirit of  Candlelight & Cookies for Mr. Claus has been retired for now; I've reached back to mid-year and plucked a mix from the archives for your listening pleasure ... check the stream page to see what's up with that.

It would be wrong to continue on without acknowledging the enormous catastrophe in the Indian Ocean between Christmas and New Year's Day.  It would be wrong to continue on with our lives without contributing to the aid so desperately needed in this area, now and for time to come.  Do what you can to help -- although some agencies seem to be fairly choking on the generous influx of aid at this point, the need will be there for some time yet to come.



Getting to be nearly time to close out the year ... as I looked back over the past 12 months and considered what might be worth thinking about, I remembered a thread on the downtempo.com list that considered the question "What is Downtempo?" ... actually, I remembered it as picking up rather more contributions than seems to have been the case.  But, whatever ... what WAS said was quality cogitating on a subject that seems to give people fits ... people who would like to understand what Downtempo is, but can't find any guidance and people like me who would love to be able to explain ourselves and our musical tastes to those who inquire, yet never seem to have just the right words to put the idea across.  So, for the valiant effort to try nailing  Downtempo, I commend Dr. Um among others, and direct you to that bit of the exchange that I was able to retrieve from my list archive -- you will find it heading up the Charts page, and your comments, observations and personal best definitions are welcome (and may even be added to the page.)

Well, thanks.  And I do mean that ... thanks to all the people who have visited the site and dropped me a note to say so ... thanks to all the musicians and indie labels that have posted new music on the web and introduced me to your talents ... thanks to the good people who sponsor the BeatConscious streams, both MixMeister and Live365 ... thanks to all the DJs who are contributors to the BeatConscious show on MixMeister -- I'm honored to share the bandwidth with you ... thanks to all the online friends and acquaintances that shared their concern after this summer's storms -- you made me feel like I had back-up even though you were far away ... thanks to many neighbors (though most will never see this page, I'm sure) for bringing back the notion of solidarity in the 'hood -- we made it through a tough time together ... thanks also to my ex, for coming down to FLA and pitching in on the clean up chores -- every little bit helps!

Here's to YOUR Thanksgiving, and all the reasons you have to celebrate it.

Dang, more of that weather news ... Charley (a Friday the 13th gift to the superstitious), then Frances, then Ivan ... I hate to seem like a weenie, but really: I've had enough ... so, of course, I'll now get a visit from Jeanne.

However, even bad times can't last indefinitely ... there's been a break in the bad weather, and time for me to reboot the main machines and get some site updates accomplished, as well as a new set uploaded to the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio (Asian Fusion this time) ... soon to follow on the L365 stream as well.  Also new and up now: the independent music set, You Know Me Now -- catch it in rotation on mmRadio (use the beatmixing icon on the left to connect) or you can stream it right now from BeatConscious.

If (like me) you haven't been to the Reviews page in a while, I'm happy to report new content there ... an overview of some of the excellent music I've learned about this summer, much of which will appear on the Freely Given set ... get the early word on these hard-working independent artists, just to whet your appetite for the music.

And of course, FLYpaper (link below) if you want to know how I felt about those damned storms.

Yes, I do live in the area of SW FLA affected by Hurricane Charley, and I did make it through that one OK ... and now comes Frances.  Good grief.

With continued luck, I'll have more to say once the newest storm threat has passed, but every expectation is that we will once again be without power, this time maybe for much longer than the two-week downtime resulting from Charley ... it all depends on how much of the State needs work after the wind / rain dissipate.

However, the BeatConscious streams will continue to be available (though not updated) regardless of my local weather, so do tune in and enjoy ... links to both the mmRadio and Live365 versions are accessible through the icons on the left side of this page. 

I've made an update to the material Live365 users will find when they click the link in the left-side panel on this page ... a schedule of the mix sets currently being broadcast on Live365 ... check it out.  And how about a new look for the home page, hmmm?  If you're looking for the FLYpaper link, just scroll down a bit....

Time for a big shout-out to all the musicians and producers who are contacting me with opportunities to learn about their music, and in many cases, making that music available to me for inclusion on up-coming BeatConscious shows ... it has always been my mission to be part of the revolution of "artist-direct music marketing" ... taking advantage of the internet to help shorten the distance between performing artists and the audience they seek.  Without going into the whole moral thing of gutting a music industry that has not resisted the urge and opportunity to short-change (that sounds nicer than "steal from", don't you think?) the artists it claims to represent, I think it is simply a far greater market efficiency for people to be able to hear the greatest variety of music and then buy (or otherwise negotiate for) that music directly from its maker.  Call me crazy, but I'm keepin' on with that mission.

Which means I've been delighted to hear from, among others:  Afternoons in Stereo, Kmotiv, Karma Recordings, TJ Rehmi, the good people at Citrona Recordings and the numerous musicians/producers/label owners that post to the Downtempo.com list about their new releases.  

The latest mix (Halfway House-Last Call) posted to the Jack2It stream on mmRadio includes two tracks from a remixer known just a K, and I look forward to reworking some of 1997's Asian Fusion mixes with new material from Karma Recordings, among others.

Got something to share?  Contact me....

I've done a (for me) peculiar thing ... I've added some "testimonials" about the BeatConscious stream to the mixes page.  Just in case you're curious about what other people think....  But, by all means, decide for yourself.

And to help you do that, check out the Stream page ... 

Another moment of crass commercialism, if I may ... you will also find information about becoming a Live365 Preferred Member on the mixes page.  As the cost to have the show hosted has risen, I've become more attuned to ways L365 tries to minimize the pain for broadcasters, and one of those takes the form of credits for bringing in Preferred Member listeners ... read more about it here.   

Of course, you can still listen for free to the stream on MixMeister Radio, so hey:  if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

It's very much overdue, but I've added some links in the area at left for visitors who are mainly interested in the broadcasts (the BeatConscious show on MixMeister Radio or Live365.)  You may want to find these broadcasts, in which case, the links will be very helpful.  If you are already a L365 listener, you may be looking for information on the music you have heard on the BeatConscious show, and you'll find that information also (or you can cut to the chase: Set-lists for all the mixes.

New music is added on an irregular basis ... let me know what you think of it.  Feedback makes it better.

A very happy New Year to you ... may the good feelings last beyond the first day, the first week...

Of course, like music fans everywhere this past week, I've been working on my "Best of 2003" list ... check out the 2003 Retrospective along with the rest of the "Crates" contents.  Think I missed something crucial?  By all means, write and give me your suggestions....

And, as always, FLYpaper for a look inside ...

Things keep crashing along.  In the good news column, look for a totally new line-up for the music stream of MixMeister radio ... each of the resident DJ shows (Underground, BeatConscious, Translucent, All Mixxed Up, etc.) now has its own dedicated stream, with the HiFi version coming to you at 128kbps ... you can't beat that!  Refinements are on-going, especially in the presentation of the various broadcast schedules.  More news about this development as it happens ... in the meantime, this link will take you to the BeatConscious page -- tune into the show and see how you like it.

In other news, check out BrainScan for another interesting article on music and the brain.

OK, vacation is over for this summer ... you won't find much about it on FLYpaper because it wasn't that newsworthy.  But here's some news you CAN use:  the brothers in San Diego are offering a new print venture for increasing your musical appreciation, and they call it RE:UP.  You can find out more, and subscribe if you're so inclined, by visiting: The RE:UP site.  It's fresh, it's smart and it's good-looking ... just what you'd want your new best friend to be.  You're gonna thank me for this one.

Another bit of news is the addition of a new Reviews section on the Charts page, when I generally talk about commercial releases from all over ... these new reviews will focus on independent and small label releases rather than the internet-based self promotions of musicians that I've previously focused on.  I think you'll find some interesting stuff here ... check it out. 

Oh, and of course, there's this....

Crazy enough to think I have regular readers, repeat visitors?  Well, OK, not really ... but just in case you are returning to the site, here's a tip:  I've been poking around in the pages, doing some housecleaning, fixing up here and there (you'll perhaps note the new look to the navigation buttons on the left, hmmmm?)  So, refresh your screen as you move through the site (use the F5 key or your browser's toolbar icon) -- that will clear out any old page versions in your cache and let you see the new improved look.

Another addition to the Reviews -- performance review this time, as I've had my heart's desire and been to see a Thievery Corporation show.  Read all about it.   Check out FLYpaper for the story behind the Money Groove sets.

A few more updates arising out of WMC have hit the pages ... be sure and check out the new addition to the Reviews page.  And of course, there are mutterings and musings, as usual, on FLYpaper....

And, as usual, the latest set-lists are available for your inspection ... the newest mix, The Money Groove, is currently streaming on mmRadio ... don't miss it! 


Today is the first day of what may be the end of our lives, at least of our lives as we've known them so far ... I guess some people think that already happened on September 11, 2001 .... Well, certainly, that helped lead us here ... it has become the perfect excuse, at any rate.  

And since thoughts of all this have been weighing me down recently, this year's WMC seemed as though it might be good therapy ... a break in the gloom.  So, here I am and you can read more about all this on FLYpaper and also on the WMC report page.  And this year, I do believe, it will be illustrated....

Perhaps, like me, you think that World War III isn't such a great idea ... you may even be actively participating in protests or other anti-war activities.  In that case, you probably don't need to read the peace page.  But for those of you who imagine that a war in the Middle East is a reasonable concept, I ask that you just read and consider the brief contents of this page.

I may have just had my 15 minutes of fame ... read about it on the MixMeister Pro review page.  If you want more news than that, check FLYpaper. 

End of the year coming up fast ... the requisite musings appear on FLYpaper, a few of the artists on the Reviews page have had their sections updated to reflect new releases, and of course, there's a round-up on the Charts page because I definitely have heard some irresistible music this year -- thanks to my soul buddies for all your recommendations. 

Giveaways are still going on -- you can still get a copy of Greg Long's Vitamin C EP, just by emailing your request to BeatConscious.  And you can still dowload the MadameFLY wallpaper created by Greg Vickers -- check the info here.

Despite the temptations of Thanksgiving, I have been hard at work updating a little-known feature of the BeatConscious site:  the Interactive Playlist.  If you're looking for something to do, have a look and see what you can contribute.

This is the last chance to catch the MixMeister Radio Birthday Party playlist (details and links to the stream given below.)  We'd love to have you listen and tell us what you think....

Thought I'd disappeared?  I can just imagine -- two months without a word, other than posting the MadameFLY desktop giveaways (mentioned below).  Ah, but I have my reasons -- check out FLYpaper to learn more.  And while you're nosing around the site, be sure you get a look at the newest set-lists -- mmRadio is chockful of goodies these days, and I've done my best to contribute.

A new giveaway -- free for the downloading:  Greg Vickers has kindly created a dynamite wallpaper for your desktop, using the Prototype MadameFLY image.  Get the black-and-white image here (right-click the link and choose "Save As" in most browsers) or, if you prefer color, take this version.  And if you like it, by all means, stop by Greg's site (www.gregvickers.com) and see more of what the lad can do ... you'll like it.

In other news, MixMeister Radio is celebrating Birthday One!  We will be having party mixes and also Classics Revisited -- the best of the past year, in some cases remixed especially for the birthday broadcast.  Visit us beginning on November 16th at www.mixmeister.com and choose your stream: HiFi or LoFi depending on your connection to the internet.  C'mon!  It won't be a party without you....

At last, a bit of new news on FLYpaper, not all of it good, of course, but then what is, these days?

You'll also find a new review in the Online Music Reviews section ... a new artist from Norway that I'm very glad to have heard about....

Oh, did I say no good news?  Well, let's amend that:  MadameFLY's Nightlife broadcast is back and it's fresh and it's continuous mixes this time around.  Go right there, or read the details on FLYpaper.


Yep, it's the same greeting that's been here for a month or more, but not just because I'm lazy and distracted ... it's because all of the comments that follow are still timely ... there's still a war going on between the accountants of the entertainment world and the putative audience for the entertainment industry's "product" ... if you waded through this rant already, then by all means move on to FLYpaper for the latest BeatConscious news.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's that sound you hear?  O, right.  You don't.  

All over the US today, this is what you will be encountering.  Chad's message may give you a deeper appreciation of the circumstances; read it here:  www.thedownbeat.org.  

So now you know the sound of webcasting shutting down.  Please take a moment to contact your favorite MegaMusicConglommerate and thank them for their furious efforts to cut you off from the opportunity to hear and appreciate new music.  Oh, right: you did contact them when the fight to save webcasting was at it's height ... you found out they didn't give a rat's ass what you thought.  Hmmm.... that doesn't leave you much choice, does it?  Because CHOICE was the issue, my friends and unknown visitors:  the ability to have some choice in the music you encounter each day ... well, welcome to the music industry's version of totalitarianism:  like what we give you, or not:  it doesn't matter.  You have no choice.

At present, I have only a few things to suggest:  do not lose contact with the friends you made online at the sites that existed to enlarge your choice of music.  These people will continue to love and search out new music.  You will all continue to be a source of information and inspiration to one another.  So far, email lists are not illegal, so you can continue to explore on your own and to advise one another of your discoveries.  You may find other ways to expose one another to the actual sound of the music that you have discovered .... the important thing is to stay connected.

What's your suggestion?  How do you plan to spit the taste of defeat out of your mouth?  Let me know, and I will publish it ....  

One definition of a "slave" is: someone who has no choice.  Define yourself.


According to the RIAA, there's nothing US music lovers want more than free music -- yet, to judge by contest entries, the prospect of free music isn't really all that exciting ... or am I missing something?  Was it way too difficult?  If so, say so:  The goal is to spread the word about Greg Long, Citrona Recordings, and the great vibe they are creating.  I believe you'll like it, so why not take me up on my kind offer ... read more about it in FLYpaper.  While you're there, you can find out why it's been so quiet around here lately....

There's a treat for you here at BeatConscious ... but you've got to work for it (oh, quit groaning, it's not a proper giveaway unless you DO something for it!)  Details at 11 -- or now, if you like -- on FLYpaper.  

And remember on May 21st, when the only sound you hear on the internet is webcasters shutting down their operations -- I asked you to help out, write your congressman/woman and add your voice on this issue ... if you did, good for you.  If you didn't....

If you are visiting the BeatConscious site during this last week of April, you may see signs of some construction here and there ... as a matter of fact, I'm preparing a new treat for you.  Full details coming up in just a day or two ... check FLYpaper (click that blue banner) for the lowdown. 

Have you communicated yet with your congressman / woman about the pending death of independent webcasting?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, keep reading in "Previous Features" below.  If you do know, but still haven't acted ... please get going on this.  Thanks!

It's time for the annual update from the Winter Music Conference, as seen by the FLY's eye.  Enjoy your vicarious participation.....  Watch this space for links to pictures and sound from this year's event....

Well, we are on a mission here this month at BeatConscious HQ.  Here's the link you need to get caught up:  

At issue is the new offensive by the RIAA to impose greatly increased (and retroactive) royalty rates on webcasters, thus effectively shutting down all but the most deep-pocketed players -- keeping control of music availability in the same hands as the folks who have been bringing you Top 40 pablum for years.  This is the hot topic on thedownbeat.org -- use this handy link to review the reaction of downtempo music lovers to this assault on viable alternatives to canned corporate music:

OK, you want to help, but what can you do?  Got a congressman?  It's time to write to him/her.  Are you a musician?  It's time to speak up:  the RIAA is telling Congress that this is all about your copyright protection.  If you understand the fallacy behind this argument, please make your voice heard rather than let this special interest group (who do not have YOUR interests in mind, unless your name happens to be Brittany Spears) speak for you.  If you don't yet understand the fallacy, please review the material available through the links I have provided above.  If you think I'm nuts and the RIAA is your good buddy, by all means, send me an email and tell me how you see it.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled visit to my nightlife....

OK but so what else is shakin' at MadameFLY's?  A few updates to FLYpaper, of course (click the banner above to peep that) and also new links to help you make contact out there in the world.  New mix set-lists appear to help you get the most out of the BeatConscious show on MixMeister Radio.  Mostly there's the persistent low hum of excitement building as the downtempo crew looks forward to Miami's Winter Music Conference ... listen:  can you hear it?

Yes, there's an end-of-year music review provided for your amusement / education ... what would New Year's Eve be without it?  In addition, you may want to check-out FLYpaper for a link to the Worldwide Winners '01 and news of a very special up-coming event....

MixMeister Radio continues to evolve and grow:  Great variety of musical styles available for you to enjoy, new shows regularly being added to the playlist -- DJ Miggz fired up the HipHop Thunderground recently, and a couple of Guest DJs have contributed also.  This is 24-hour radio (naturally) and altho' the terms of the station's mechanical license from the copyright administrators prevents publication of a track list in advance of broadcast, there is a schedule of the DJs' showtimes available in the MM Radio Forum ... and the station interface also lets you know whose show is currently playing.  To see what's new from MadameFLY on the BeatConscious segment, check out the MMRadio Setlists

All that and the holidays too .... we need only peace to make it perfect.

All my big news these days is about the growing archives at MixMeister Radio.  In addition to the many manifestations of the downtempo sound which you'll hear on MadameFLY's BeatConscious show, two other hosts are kickin' in:  TravelFox offers a wide range of house to techno and all stops in between on The Underground, while DJ Miggz represents for funk, soul, R&B, hiphop and more on the Funk Flavas ... and a new show devoted to trance goes up shortly, fronted by Climbatizer, starting off with a tag-team mix.  Interested in listening?  Go to MixMeister Radio and enjoy.  Interested in contributing?  Grab yourself a copy of MixMeister and get in the game.

Well, the lads at MixMeister have done the trick:  MixMeister Radio made its debut on Friday, November 16th ... read more about it in FLYpaper, or -- if your curiousity is overwhelming, click here to listen.  Much respect to the core crew whose hard work pushed the project through -- TravelFox, U rule! -- and deep gratitude to the decision-makers at MixMeister for agreeing to sponsor this project.  

MixMeister gains ground as my current favorite application, giving me a big assist in turning out polished new mixes and providing a visual approach that ends up teaching my ear.  There are new setlists on the Downtempo and on the Genrebenders page -- both these mixes have been added to my Live365 show, which you can access from the link on this page. 

As the ground shifts beneath my feet (yours too?), I'm keeping myself busy learning more about working with MixMeister.  Read the review posted here.  And new set lists have been posted on the emixes page -- check that out.  And if you have longer than a moment, I've been freshening up the stream on Live365 -- you might like to check that out.  Here's how.

Thought MadameFLY left town?  No, I've just been devoting myself to my new collection of CDs, downloaded courtesy of my www.emusic.com unlimited digital music subscription.  I review both the subscription process itself, and the music -- follow the links and get caught up.  And for those curious to know what can be made from these treasures (and trash) check out the mixes.

What's up with computer-assisted mixes?  Are they the devil's handiwork, or just a blessing for the bedroom DJ with a yearning for beat matching skills and no time to perfect them?  Read one opinion here, and catch up on some new music in the bargain.

Another temple of good taste, FlareSOUND internet radio, has tapped my mix Downtime: Dig This for broadcast, and I invite you to listen in using this link.  Visit these folks -- you will find the best in Southern California downtempo vibes being generated from their site.  Enjoy!

Sunday May 20th, my mix Downtime: Dig This was featured on DJ Choko's show, The Downlow: it will be in the 1groove.com archives for a while: use this link if you'd like to hear it....

A friend from AOTM proposed a "desert island disc" project ... find out what my CD full of favorites turned out to be. 

Read the Report on this year's Winter Music Conference held in Miami, Mar. 24-28, 2001