As for 2010, it's all here, most recent first, for as long as you care to scroll down:


Before I hit the main thought, immediately below, I need to note that Christmas is on the way, as expected this time of year.  Because of the winding down of the mmRadio streams on (described in detail below) I won't be having the usual Christmas show there this year -- I'll be concentrating on wrapping up the mmRadio Retrospective series instead.  But for those who yearn for a little holiday music, the BeatConscious Mixcloud stream is offering two seasonal sets, All Lit Up for those of you in the party mood and SpiritusFLY for the quiet times ...


Well, BeatConscious fans, the time is coming when we say farewell to mmRadio, the 24/7 music stream that has been sponsored by MixMeister since way before Soundcloud or Mixcloud became options for online radio listeners. 


mmRadio Retrospective series

celebrating 2001 - 2010 continuous streaming on

Farewell ....


So here was the final notice that appeared on December 30, 2010, from the Numark representative tasked with managing the MixMeister forum:

Dear All
As of 7PM today EST we have shut down the broadcasting server and the submissions service.
I am keeping a back up of all the mixes for the next few months for any one who needs a download of their sets. Please drop me a PM to let me know. We will be removing references to the radio over the next few days on the forum.As discussed we will be releasing new updated websites in the next year please post any thing you would like to see on them here.


And that, friends, was the end of mmRadio, a lovely little experiment with an unusually long life, a bright light in a dark place.  Au revoir lil' buddy...  (I'll be disabling my links to the station over the New Years weekend.)  The full run-down of Retrospective sets created to mark the passing of this institution starts immediately below:


Original Sets:

With the number of streaming options available online today, it may be tough to remember how mmRadio burst like a bombshell in our part of the internet in November 2001 … not only could you tune in to non-stop 24/7 radio featuring the work of your pals in the MM community, but unlike the usual mix you downloaded from the internet, mmRadio let you know exactly what track/artist you were listening to at each moment … the better to judge and comment on the work of your fellow mixers as well as to simply enjoy their selecting skills. And this was an apples-to-apples comparison of skills (theirs and yours) because a mix had to be created in MixMeister in order to get onto the stream. This was a concept that energized the community and that served to educate MixMeister users over the years.

The 24 tracks on this two-hour set, mmRadio Retrospective - Nov. 2001, represent half the material originally used in the first four mixes I uploaded to BeatConscious … the sequencing is entirely different, not only because I wanted to condense all that material into a single set, but also because I noticed that without the benefit of tools for mixing in key, I made a total dog's dinner out of the transition harmonics (Harmonic mixing and the essentials of phrasing were just two of the techniques that critiques from the community help me get a grip on in that first year.)


From those first four sets, I chose classic downtempo material by Jaffa, Cinematic Orchestra, Hefner, Homebase, Boozoo Bajou, TJ Rehmi and Alex Cortiz; there were also lounge-style house tracks from Kevin Yost, Belladonna, UBQ Project, Cassio, I:Cube and Afternoons in Stereo; and of course a bit of atmospheric Drum'n'Bass from Lemongrass, King Kooba, and the Jamie Myerson remix of the Bugs track "Wrapped Up" closing out the show.  And there's more -- the set clocks in at just over two hours and, due to that size, can't be uploaded to Mixcloud unless I break it into parts or reduce the bitrate of the mp3 file and there's been no final decision on that yet.  For a short time, if you wanted to hear this particular retrospective set from the earliest days of mmRadio, you'd have caught it on the mmRadio stream -- but that opportunity came to an end with the shut-down of mmRadio on 30 DEC 2010. 

The early days of mmRadio

In the next month of operation, December 2001, the need to fill mmRadio "air space" 24/7 started to have new importance … I uploaded six shows to BeatConscious that month and others volunteered to kick me their personal interpretations of "a down tempo mix" …

The idea with these retrospective versions of my original December 2001 shows was to recreate them rather than prepare a distillation … so for instance, the first of the six shows to be revived was originally presented as "Downtime: When You're Blue" and was created live-direct to CD from vinyl and CDs, and before that from vinyl and CDs recorded direct to analog tape cassette. When I originally re-made the set in MixMeister, I trimmed down the set-list to meet our standard (at the time) of 60-minute mixes. I've kept that playlist for this reconstruction, just swapping the order on a couple of tracks. The set features Count Basic, Afterlife, Thunderball, Vanessa Daou, Le Gooster, Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, I:Cube, P'Taah, and a couple more lesser lights.

Though not actually the first set to stream in December 2001, this short introduction to the month's music contains such signature tunes -- specifically the Omni Trio track "Soul Promenade" -- that it merits the lead spot in the December retrospective review. Though the sample appears in numerous songs, this particular track was my source for the phrase: "I've got something for your mind, your body & your soul" which was quickly adopted as best expressing the BeatConscious esprit ….



If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - One by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


The second of the six original December 2001 sets was first published in the late 90s as Downtime: In the Garden. Like the other sets from this same month, the mix was originally recorded CD-to-tape, and was then recompiled for mmRadio; the version presented here involves some minor sequencing changes.

This set hands off back and forth between jazz (Courtney Pine, P'Taah) and atmospheric Drum'n'bass or simple broken beat for most of its energy. You'll hear some solid turn-of-the-century classics from Grooverider, MJ Cole, A Guy Called Gerald, Shantel and Mr. Electric Triangle; returning to the mix are favorites Afterlife and Omni Trio. GLO is represented by the gorgeous PFM track "Danny's Song" and (from the 'guilty pleasures' category) B-Tribe appears with their shamelessly emotional song "Alegria". In fact, the theme of this mix might be considered to be High Emotion, a riposte to all the folks who used to complain that electronic music is brittle, cold machine-made stuff (do they still?)


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - Two by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


We're on the third set of the original December 2001 sextet -- and the mojo here? Well, it's the sweet knowing funk of "Kingsburg", for one thing … whatever you call the looselimbed jiggy feeling that comes over you in response to certain music. And that Digby Jones "sunset on the beach" soft anthem, "Pina Colada (Jazz Mix)": In 2001, this tune epitomized the cocktail lounge branch of downtempo, a lilting melody via piano and strings gently roughened up with some civilized scratching.

And there are more classics from those days -- the days when I was referring to all this as "intelligent dance music," having hijacked a phrase from Techno to suggest what it was about Downtempo that attracted me: the structure was complex even if the lyrics were often just one more element in the sound wash (though lyrics may certainly shine, as in the case of Hefner’s “Dive Into You”, which is modern-day Cole Porter-clever verse.)

In addition to Projections, Hefner and Digby, you'll hear magic from Llorca, Leftfield, Thievery Corporation, Lazybatusu, Disjam, Moss, A Forest Mighty Black, Aromabar and more.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - Three by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Before downtempo, the excitement was in House music and atmospheric Drum'n'Bass; the earliest shows on BeatConscious offered eclecticism in the selecting and little concern with uniformity of style; this show mostly stresses the House side of things, but dips into broken beat of all sorts in the interests of variety: Musical heroes like Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, A Forest Mighty Black, remixes from Fila Brazillia and Hefner, House from Jori Hulkonnen, The Rurals, Chris Lum and an incendiary performance from Aromabar, their "Telephone" most assuredly off the hook.

But the foundation track here is the closer, Jori Hulkkonen's "Let Me Luv U" and its remix by Muzique Tropique. Let me tell you, I lost no time contacting the label that released Slow Burning to find out the source of the vocal sample. Willie Hutch, as it turns out, from the soundtrack to Foxy Brown -- here's the page: ... in the words of one reviewer: “This work is brilliant… slices of delectable 70's soul….  If this jam doesn't give you goose pimples when Hutch sings … give me some of that good old love, chances are you are comatose.” Amen – this is samplitude perfection paired with Jori’s whispered urgings – you wouldn't want to miss it.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - Four by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Bent: I Love My Man (Lazyboy's Anyone for tennis mix): Zeitgeist Tune!! And that is the theme of this collection, the first BeatConscious show to be aired on mmRadio in December 2001 (when it was published as Think About It) … how it caught the spirit of the time, over in Downtempoland.

Giddy with the prospect of connecting with other downtempo fans, I wanted to create a show focused on the high points, as I then understood them: performers like Bent, Big Muff, K&D remixing Aphrodelics, Cujo, Bullitnuts, Heights of Abraham and others.

Heights of Abraham was my special interest, the sound that got me hooked, back in the mid-90s before I knew there was such a category as downtempo, a story that is told in more detail here:  … so this December 2001 mix is the one that established my allegiance to this group and to this emblematic downtempo sound.

And ah, one editorial note: a centerpiece of the set is Richard Dorfmeister's re-rub of the Aphrodelics track "Rollin' on Chrome" which had to be edited for content (reversing out the offending word) to air on mmRadio ... I've retained this editing for that stream, but I'll be offering the unexpurgated version for all my hardcore ppl via the version that runs on Mixcloud  


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - Five by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


OK, let's wrap it up! This is the last mix of the series, and it reflects excellence from the late 90s/early 2000s: having an "all you can eat" subscription and hanging out at, getting confirmed in the downtempo sensibility … good times.

Cinematic Orchestra does grown-up downtempo … serious technical chops matched with a confident pared-down style that eases over the line to hypnotic whenever possible. Their ‘Channel One Suite’, a truly iconic piece and another of those primary zeitgeist tracks, captures that downtempo sensibility in a single standards-setting gesture.

A funkier side shows in most of the rest of the set, manifesting in the reggae references of Desmond Williams, hip hop from DJ Vadim and Sarah Jones, and from Cool Breeze, palm trees at sunset from Boozoo Bajou, R&B shadings from Rae & Christian and a shamelessly salacious moment from Gerd to finish up. Even trip hop has a champion in Beanfield as remixed by Richard Dorfmeister. And don't imagine the ticking clock motif is accidental. This is all familiar terrain in Downtempoland, the low urgent voices of the singers that we've come to expect, to require.

Hush now, grown ups are listening … intently. We've got business to attend to and only this music to see us thru to the other side.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Mmradio Retrospective - Six by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud

Having paid my respects to the nearly 10 years of mmRadio's 24/7 presence online and the awesome music heard there over the years, I will now be returning you to your regular programming.  Remember, once mmRadio goes off the air (date not yet certain) you can always catch the BeatConscious streams via Mixcloud -- be sure to sign up for an account so that you can comment on the mixes!  And thanks for being there....





You can still catch this set (or the entire BeatConscious rotation, if you're so inclined) via the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio: click on the HiFi button on the radio panel to hear it.  But Numark/MixMeister have announced the intention to shut that station down at the end of 2010 in favor of the more nimble hosting over at Soundcloud ... stay tuned for more on that development.  And in the meantime, consider the Mixcloud alternative which I've already established for the BeatConscious audience and click the PLAY button on the widget above!  Soon there will be a widget embedded on this page for each of the 2010 mixes described, offering the on-demand option that has always been the BeatConscious dream -- yeah, Mixcloud team!!


If you check the links panel on the left, you'll see some new additions at the bottom ... the funky little black cloud pic offers a persistent link out to the entire collection of BeatConscious shows on MixCloud, an alternative to waiting for a new or a favorite set to come up on the rotation schedule at mmRadio, our historical listening option.  


For news and opinions on music or anything else life has to offer, there are links to the FLYblog and to FLY on Twitter.  I know, I know ... you thought maybe I was above that stuff, and so did I.  Life is full of little upsets like that ....  But here's the thing:  If, as I often say, I'm just here to spread the love of music and alert you to new and worthy additions to your musical connections, then we have to admit most of that alert-style communicating is the province of blogs and especially Twitter.  Don't worry, if you follow or subscribe, I won't take a lot of your time ... I don't spend all day adding to the overall noise levels with every bit of ephemera that passes thru my mind -- just an alert when a new show is available for your consideration, or there is some music-related event worth celebrating.  If you're actually interested in the ephemera, then by all means, check out FLYpaper.



Posts on previous shows:



Yes, it's a late October mix, but there's no scary movie samples in Haunted: It's not that kind of haunted we're talking about just now … it's more about the trick that your mind plays on you when you just can't seem to forget a lover, a city, or a song -- the scent that teases you, the image that shimmers behind your eyes, the tune that keeps looping inside your mind. We're haunted by what we had and lost, just as we're haunted by what we wanted but never had … in a sense, every memory is a haunting but some are more powerful than others and contrary to what you may expect, plenty of them make us very happy indeed

Among the powerful tunes this time is Nick Drake's "Cello Song" which is from the 1969 release Five Leaves Left -- less directly about love missed out on and more about a life missed … this one was brought to mind by the recent Natacha Atlas cover of "River Man", which seems to be the only Nick Drake song that people ever pick up on (Andy Bey did it several years ago) but his catalog is full of utterly gorgeous tunes that (no surprise) he does best of all. Look for more to pop up on BeatConscious sets soon.

Praful's "Sigh" brings us swiftly into the golden age of downtempo: an iconic tune if ever there was one, followed by another thoroughly haunting song -- the Jonny Miller remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner". Full-on downtempo vibes from Grooveblaster and strong beats from Belleruche provide 2010 vintage tunes to balance some of the older tracks … but make no mistake, those older tracks are choice material -- in addition to Praful, there is 2002's "Dream of the Dendreons" by Telefuzz and the 2003 Kate Rogers track, "Fine", and "On the Sly" from Thunderball circa 2001.

Speaking of artists who do their own material better than the covers, I would put U2 in that category … however, Electron Love Theory turns in a brave rendition of "With or Without You" that made the cut here.  And finally, I've once again closed a set with a track from the remarkable James Blake, one that gives me shivers now and will haunt me in the future, I have no doubt.
Shout-outs once again to Eighth Dimension for the very excellent Grooveblaster tracks, to RadioDirectX for the U2 homage and doubling down to for the James Blake turn-on. Word of that Radiohead remix came from Twitter, as usual these days. Much respect to TruThoughts – something from the Belleruche catalog is popping up in just about every set these days.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Haunted by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



This is the bedroom DJ's only advantage:   you play whatever you like … no crowds to please, no drinks to sell, no requests to bat away like spiderwebs in a castle corridor … you make an impression on your intuition and your taste, or you don't.  And you, fair listener, if you like what you hear, you can dance, you can sit and talk, you can drift and dream, and of course, you can get down … because when I say bedroom DJ, it's certainly not all about MY bedroom. 


October's set, Bedroom Talk, might start you out energetically … all that pent-up emotion and intention finally sees its outlet, realizes the moment has come … you're gonna want to grab it and hold it close for the wild ride … but eventually, inevitably, you're gonna subside, you're gonna relax, you're gonna want to just sink into the sensation and let yourself be carried along the rest of the way … 


Glad to be there for ya 


Assisting me this time out are tracks from Thunderball, Aromabar, Belleruche, Smith & Mighty, the Eurythmics, Saru, Freakpower in Dub and Bonobo featuring Fink.  Special shout-outs this time go to the good people at 8th Dimension for the Roger Fife & Lolo promo from Mar Trax that opens the set; also for the three other tracks that came to me via tweets: 

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Bedroom Talk by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


I've wanted to build a set around "Back in Love Again", the LTD tune that opens the second September show, Feelin' Funky 4 U, for the longest time -- this track has it all: Relentlessly funky b-line, irresistible dance grooves, great lyrics -- and let's not neglect to respect the group's great onstage outfits! Put it all together and oh, does this say The 70s to me: Huge 'fro's, platform soles and bell bottoms, and that psychedelia design hangover that just seems to never completely go away (witness the cover image, which is contemporary tag art.)

I found plenty in the digital crate to complement LTD, from the dark funk of Guts and Dublex (mad props to Wayne Martin's compelling vocals ...) to the azz-shakin' house of Cassius, Bent and Norma Jean Bell … if you find yourself staying seated while listening to this set, it might be time you talk to your doctor.

Special shout-outs this month to Giant Step and the N.O.W. WaxOn collections for helping me keep it deep and a special nod to Royksopp for their 'Track of the month' opportunity.  You'll also hear BeatConscious favorites like Afternoons in Stereo, Thunderball, Belleruche, Kruder & Dorfmeister and one more time around for the team-up of Scott Hardkiss and Lisa Shaw, closing out the show with the gorgeous "Come On, Come On".


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Feelin' Funky 4 U by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




There were two jumping off points for this Labor Day Weekend mix: The Mixcloud month-long Celebration of Curation which highlighted 31 mixes celebrating the idea of curation as a DJ ideal; and then there was a Sasha Frere-Jones article in The New Yorker covering the current wave of recording artists as curators (e.g., Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings)-- advancing the idea that recording artists are curating the releases of the past with new cover versions or their own original tracks in a classic style…

So recording artists and DJs are representing for the spirit of curation … both by presenting a wide array of music in a context that adds to its resonance, and by preserving the art of the past so that the potential audience can continue to access it long after the original presentation is simply memory, or, eventually, just hear-say. We are working to help create the long tail of linked accessibility that these artists, their art and their audience deserve to enjoy.

So this is a mix about curation -- curating about curation, if you will. Even the title (Since When: The Crown of Curation) name-checks past art -- in this case, the Jefferson Airplane's 1968 album, "Crown of Creation". The set features original tracks (such as The Drifter's "There Goes My Baby") as well as musician/producer/DJ-curated versions of older work … think the Lance Herbstrong rendition of Canned Heat's 1960s track "On the Road Again" or dwntwns Got to Give It Bass remix of Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up". Sometimes artist curation takes the form of of a mash-up like the GoHome Productions blending of Beyonce, Bo Diddley and the Smiths that opens the set ... sometimes it takes the form of homage, as when Amy Winehouse, J-Walk or The Black Keys create new music that owes its soul to the work of artists past … and sometimes the curation just takes the now-familiar form of a remix of some recent release, as in DJ Vadim's outstanding work on the Belleruche tune "Northern Girls".

And then there are a few tracks included in the mix (from J Boogie, Bonobo, Gary B, Eluvium, Madnomad and Input Junkie) that don't necessarily reference anything but they go to make the flow … and who knows -- someday they, too, in their turn, will be curated by someone who comes along after me .


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Since When - The Crown Of Curation by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




Time for a second dub reggae set … summer still blazing outside, this year's storm noose tightening while I sit inside watching Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke, marking the 5th anniversary of H. Katrina hitting Nawlins … these conditions coming together just cry out for a generous helping of Upstanding Dub.


Notable in this set are a 2008 Dubmatix track, "Dub in Me Hand" which is absolutely on fire … can't believe I slept on this back in the day … but reggae is timeless, always in style and never too late.  In honor of that thought, I've also included a handful of originals from the 70's including tracks by Martha Velez, Bob Marley and The Wailers … and you'll also find John Martyn's 1982 version of "Johnny Too Bad" paired with the "Mos Dub" release that hit the blogosphere this year.  Recent label promo goodness includes Giant Step's Kabanjak and N.A.S.A. releases as well as a righteous moment of love dub by Julie Crochetiere from Putamayo's Tribute to a Reggae Legend release from earlier this summer.  And since no dub set would be complete without an appearance by Thievery Corporation, you find originals and their remix of "Heavenly Sweetness" by Better Daze to satisfy that demand.  Banzai Republic, Gelka, Noiseshaper, Citizen Sound / Richard Underhill round out the set.


Conscious reggae beats -- so you can exercise your upstanding spirit while you exercise your rump.


Special for visitors to, there's been an update to the Dub page of the Styleguide project, which ground to a close (due to a welcome lack of yet newer musical sub-categories to tackle) at about the same time that H. Charley slammed SW Florida in 2004.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Upstanding Dub by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




The engine for Smooth It Over was a return to the scene of Lauryn Hill, whose exceptional voice still works its magic on my ears.  Additionally from the good people at Giant Step, from a couple of months ago, Quincy Jones turns in "Strawberry Letter 23" (which, while sounding remarkably like a Prince song, was actually written by Shuggie Otis, and made famous by the Brothers Johnson) …  earworm moments from a master music maker … And then there are two tracks chosen from the impressive output of The Warheads this year … I have to really run to keep up with this group, and I know their track "Abandon Hope" is already getting substantial online exposure ... let me just add to the love.


OTOH, the older stuff is damn nice as well … wrapping up this set led me to what might be one of the very first tunes I ever downloaded from by the duo t spigot … I don't remember much about my reaction back in the day, but listening to it this time woke me up like a pinball machine lights up for a winner … 


In addition to these highlights, the playlist runs the gamut from cocktail funk to emo-glitch and includes tracks from Kid Koala, Melounge, Daddy Pete, Lemongrass, Christophe Goze, Felix Laband, Bluprint, Goloka, Parov Stelar and N.O.H.A.


Trust me, trust your ears: here you have smoothness itself, right through to the end …


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Smooth It Over by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




Dub reggae - no 100 degree day should be without it.  Summer has always been dub stylee time for me … this wicked hot summer's Elemental Dub represents just a portion of the impressive reggae or reggae-influenced tunes from the past year:  New releases from Fat Freddy's Drop and Dubmatix featuring Nate Wize and Linval Thompson, plus solid older tracks from G. Corp., Messian Dread, DJ Krush, Thievery Corp. featuring Sister Nancy, Monk Fly, Athome Project and Citizen Radio. There are also outright classics from UB 40 and Stryke as well as the Loo & Placido reggae rework of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby".  The set closes out with a 2010 offering from Subatomic Sound System, the Dubblestandart remix of "Chrome Optimism" featuring both David Lynch and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, which has to be one of the most notable pairings of the year in any musical style.


… and speaking of style, be sure to catch Sonic Boom's "Painful Dub" and the move into that G Corp. track "Breakin Up is Hard to Do"  which impresses with its hypnotic lyric bumping up against the fragment of an aria for texture, riding the steel drum, echo effects, and a mesmerizing b-line to produce a deeper hypnotism …


In a notable departure from the usual thematic material (politics, ganja), all the tracks that made the cut this time are focused on elemental things: dubbed-out inquiries into the eternal intricacies of the human condition like love, loneliness, brotherly understanding, the desire for peace and hope for the future … it's philosophy in riddim this time out, or you might say:  it's Elemental.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Elemental Dub by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




Half-jazzed: the best of both worlds, with expressive instrumentation laid on rock steady beats …


As the first track attests, this mix was meant to draw heavily from the jazz catalog and this is the terrain explored for the first half of the show -- from the straight-up jazz stylings of the Afternoons in Stereo beauty that opens the show through a few more tunes that feature house beats suggestive of the jazz piano approach of Kevin Yost … by the halfway point, we're drawn unapologetically into the lounge/house groove, a vibe that carries through  to the end … but keep alert for the quirkier late players, two joints from the 2004/2005 heyday of Scandinavian EDM, Husky Rescue's "Summertime Cowboy" and "Spring to Kingdom Come" from Flunk … also from the north lands, you'll hear one from Plej, as well as tracks from Ananda Project, Pimp Daddy Nash, Groove Messengers, Moca, Big Bud, Alex Cortiz and Karl Moestl's "Love is my Religion", given the full-on Kraak & Smaak Remix treatment -- kraak and smaak, indeed -- that's the baddest rhythm section in recent memory.


The show closes out with a little viral number courtesy of The Gregory Brothers on their youtube channel -- I don't know about you, but as much as I want to laugh at the Double Rainbow Dude, this tune really just makes me totally happy.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Half-Jazzed by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




This first mix for July suggests how it is to be underwater on your emotional mortgage … do you bail out or do you stay invested?


Sequencing a set is like using a Ouija board … you keep being drawn along on the connections until eventually you realize you've tapped out a message from the subconscious … you may start out with a handful of happy tunes but not end up in a happy place -- who can say what's coming and what direction life's turns will take?  It's only when we look back that we see the pattern … it's only when we're contemplating handing back the keys that we may finally be able to calculate the value.


This pattern (and all its value) is built from tracks provided by Cantoma, Samantha James, Pollyn, Eva Be, Swayzak (sounding a great deal like vintage Underworld to my ears), Chateau Flight, Baby Mammoth, Telepopmusik, Depeche Mode in a Soundhog remix and a wistful closer from Bonobo … wistfulness being a key emotion when you're walking away from a dream.  And title honors go to a track from Tennis Hero which suggested the set title: Love's Alone Tonight.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Love's Alone Tonight by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud




Once again, I've remade the original deep-space ambient mixes that started out life in the late 90s as mixtapes before they were digitized in MixMeister in 2004.  After hearing some choice ambient mixes on MixCloud (respect to Low Light and Quiet Music for Loud Times), I was inspired to revisit my own compilations, looking for opportunities to improve them.  While one of the two (The Stars My Destination) was merely recompiled using the superior audio handing available in the latest version of Studio, the mix originally titled Tranceported: Space got a complete resequencing and makes its reappearance now under the title Space 2010 Harmonic Assembly.


This is the chill moment you'll be craving now that summer is upon us full force ... a mix that asks you to simply let go … and then transports you, at various speeds and and in various styles from the austere aural luxuries of Aphex Twin and Michael Brook to the authoritative soundscape of Future Sound of London and the unsettling cinematics of Terre Thaemlitz


But the most astonishing and affecting track here is still "Moonwalk" from Daniel Kobialka's 1982 release Dream Passage.  While the work of Aphex Twin (particularly the opening track "Blue Calx")  unquestionably represents the defining sound of deep space ambient, this lesser-known work by classical violinist Kobialka meets that standard and then moves beyond, making a trip that could be dark, cold and sterile into an incandescent, emotionally-charged journey.


Find both these sets on demand at MixCloud or visit mmRadio for the complete BeatConscious stream ... be sure to leave a comment, no matter where you catch the music.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:


Space 2010 Harmonic Assembly by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


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The Stars My Destination by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



Temps in the 90s, not a lick of rain ... must be time to throw together some hot weather dance tracks, bumpin' in at about 125 BPM average ... quick and breezy like a great beach book, with moments of impressively serious funk from Kraak & Smaak and Billy Paul Williams, and some deeper tracks, too: the Do Right remix of Hird's "I Love You My Hope" being one: "I believe in love, loves believes in me, though it tribulates and my heart tests my sanity...."

You'll also hear strong contenders from Paul & Price, Future Prophecies, Marathon Man, Morecuts and a couple more obscure but worthy artists ... complete track list for The Quickie available here.

Special thanks to the promo gurus at Giant Step for some fine new music, including a couple of Fred Falke remixes of Sia's "Clap Your Hands" and Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" and to Buckaroo at Eighth Dimension for Hawke and the hippie remix of Ishi's "Shake Your Dandelion" ... can I get you to shake yours, too?


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The Quickie by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

Perhaps you have days like this … feeling vaguely fretful but not afraid … just unconnected … drifting from one thing to the next but never quite settling … waiting, poised despite your appearance of inattention, eager for the next thing: the next song, the next person, the next story to attract and hold you … to give you a reason to respond, a reason to stay….

Other Plans is what you'll listen to while you wait for the gold in the pan of life to settle out and make you rich again.

Among the artists to amuse you while you wait are: Count Basic, Govinda, TM Juke, Fingathing, Bitter:Sweet, Admon, Afterlife, Jianda & Patchen and very new things from Telepath, Boris Blenn (big up to 8D promo) and Shift.

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(Making) Other Plans by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



May's show is called The Gamble.  Come on, you know it -- life's a gamble:  You gamble every day that you'll still be here tomorrow … that the job you have won't disappear, that the drive to work won't end up with your blood on the highway, that the love you chose won't let you down, that the kid you're raising won't turn out to be an axe murderer … You'd better have a strong stomach for the odds, because in truth, you can't easily choose not to play … you'll need steady nerves and, of course, your poker face.


I'm not a gaga fan, but this DIY cover version from indie artist Molly Lewis (tip courtesy of William Gibson on Twitter) is pretty awesome -- check out her performance on youtube.  In addition to Molly, this show features Big Muff, Simply Jamm, an UNKLE remix of Slam's "Narco Tourist", Ikon, Gary B, Charles Webster, new music from Vitamin D's Hard Times release, an absolutely cold-hearted killer from Belleruche, a remix of KC & the Sunshine Band's iconic 70s track "I'm Your Boogie Man" (courtesy of Afternoons in Stereo, back in the day), and of course, Sade -- one from the back catalog this time.  The show closes out with a rework of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" … when this one starts sounding old, it'll be time to bury me .


My gamble?  I'm betting on my Muse …


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The Gamble by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



One more show for April ... since I'm celebrating the month that marks 20 years that I've been in FLA … This time, we have radio at 128 BPM … Spring Breaks 420.2010 ... taking its inspiration from an unexpectedly captivating remix of the new Kelis track "Acapella", fresh from the Promo Team at Giant Step … there's house -- funky house, jazzy house, deep house -- and yes, even a whisper of breaks … mostly there's just more energy than you usually hear on BeatConscious. This set starts a bit far out on the conceptual tip with a headphones-friendly transition from the first track to the next, but swiftly settles into a procession of standard beat-matched transitions, with a couple of drops just to lively up yourselves.   Artists include the Eurythmics, Kraak & Smaak, Afternoons in Stereo, the Eurogliders, Parov Stelar, Stockholm Cyclo, Banzai Republic, Nina Simone remixed by Felix da Housecat, and the relentless Gui Borato track from the City of God remixes that closes out the mix.  And, of course, another track from Sade … just like I said I would.


The Sade track in this show, "Slave Song", is from the Lovers Rock album … I promised you one Sade track in every BeatConscious show this year, and so far we are seven for seven and there is cream still to choose from …


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Spring Breaks 420.2010 by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


This month marks 20 years that I've been in FLA … thinking about that anniversary also makes me think about the evolution of my musical preferences and influences since I first touched down here.  One of the most important changes was the drift into electronic music, a move that may have depended specifically on my being in FLA … that story is told in The History of My World.  One of the pivotal moments in this evolution was my introduction to DJ Shadow … for the connection to both DJ culture/sampling and the sensibilities of trip hop. 


DJ Shadow's early work commenced (according to his Wiki page) with 'genre-bending works of art merging elements of funk, rock, hip hop, ambient, jazz, soul' and rare groove from the used-records bin.  He is often cited as a leading creator of US trip hop, and his first full-length work, Endtroducing…, released in late 1996, was named one of TIME magazine's "ALL TIME 100 best albums" in November of that year, and has been influencing the downtempo enthusiasts it created ever since.  The 1998 release Preemptive Strike (which contains samples from music as well as the movies THX 1138, Johnny Got His Gun and Brainstorm) included 4 versions of the track "What Does Your Soul Look Like" (which originally appeared on Endtroducing) and version 2 of that song kicks off this mix.  My own subtle commentary on the general direction of the world over the last 20 years can be summarized by the police siren overlays I've added to this epic track on April's show, (In this life) It All Comes Back 2 U.


As a peak example of the sampler's art, "Soul…" is one of those tracks that provides a jumping-off point to any direction you choose … I picked a jazzy direction and you'll hear how the sound fits so easily with both the jazz of its own time frame (Bugge Wesseltoft's 1997 New Conception of Jazz being one) and the same genre years later (the Verve Remixes.)  Look for tracks from Outside, Bliss, Tryad, Alex Cortiz, Marcel, Billie Holiday/Dzihan & Kamien, Planet Lounge and Subatomic Sound System feat. Rhiannon.  Speaking of awesome 'bring back' tracks, Subatomic comes  correct with a re-work of the 1979 Police track "Walking on the Moon".


The Sade track in this show, "Skin", is from the newest release, Soldier of Love … I promised you one Sade track in every BeatConscious show this year, and so far we are seven for seven and there is cream still to choose from …


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It All Comes Back 2u by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Welcome to FLYChill'd, ladies and gentlemen … please give your attention to the in-flight digital attendant  which will provide you with complete details as today's trip unfolds (available exclusively for the streams hosted by mmRadio -- see the link below.)


We'll be starting our flight at top speed (120 BPM), courtesy of the latest release from Afternoons in Stereo, which Promises plenty of thrust to get us comfortably airborne. Once aloft and at cruising speed, you'll appreciate the experienced piloting skills of your captain as we smoothly navigate the skies around Projections, Luxury Grooves, Shrift, Govinda and Kush.


There may be a bit of mid-flight turbulence as we approach Duptribe, but the Moon and the Sky are tranquil around Sade, and clear skies in the vicinity of Ancient Astronauts keep the Stars in view. Once we come within range of Minus 8's Elysian Fields, you may adjust your seat backs to the most comfortable reclining position and prepare to enjoy the type of SOFT LANDING that the FLYChill'd reputation rests on. For your Protection, please wait until the Massive Attack has finished before deplaning.


Thank you for choosing FLYChill'd, industry leader in providing relaxing and refreshing trips worldwide. Remember, your comfort and pleasure are always the prime considerations for FLYChill'd crew members including, on this trip, Scott Hardkiss, Dean & Britta and RJD2. Please take a moment to fill out the comment cards you'll find in the seat-back pockets -- the captain welcomes your feedback.




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Soft Landing by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


First thing:  Big up to Giant Step, whose DJ service provided a number of the new releases on this Ides of March set, The Devil I Know, including a raw essential good god almighty opener from the 2010 return of Gil Scott-Heron, the man who, according to his wiki page, virtually created hip-hop: 

"The music of Scott-Heron's work during the 1970s influenced and helped engender later African-American music genres such as hip hop and neo soul. He has been described by music writers as "the godfather of rap" and "the black Bob Dylan". On his influence, a music writer later noted that "Scott-Heron's unique proto-rap style influenced a generation of hip-hop artists."


So, OK, we're riding with the devil and Gil Scott-Heron, and I couldn't tell you which one is scarier … but it always comes back to the blues, doesn't it? This opener is about as dark as it comes … back to the blues where the blues is black and blue.  And so the mood of this set takes shape with a few more dark tunes from Smith & Mighty, Alexkid, DJ Brace and a moodily beautiful song from the new Sade album before starting to pick up some highlights in the form of tracks from Jazzanova, Ursula 1000, Terranova, Laura Izibor, Adani & Wolf and The Dining RoomsAncient Astronauts provides a new track for the mix while Massive Attack also represents with a 2010 release featuring Horace Andy, and there is new music from KUSH as well:  just a taste from their latest, Streams of Consciousness Vol. 2, which we'll be hearing more of this year.


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The Devil I Know by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Floating Between Us is a selection of mostly independently-released music … including brand-new music from Sharon Musgrave, The Warheads, and also including Saru's late-2009 release, The Pearl, as well as some earlier tracks from Kush, Tryad, Solus and the Alpha Rhythm.  Major label support, via Giant Step's DJ promo service brought Si*Sι's "This Love" remix by The Crystal Pharaoh. 


In keeping with my sense of this year being made special by the return of Sade, I've included a track from one of their earliest releases, 1988's Stronger than Pride -- my intention is to have a Sade track in every set this year, including more from the new release, Soldier of Love.  You'll also hear from Maxwell, De-Phazz, Cassius, Slow Train Soul, Muki and others. The vibe on this set moves between earthy nu-soul and somewhat more cerebral music -- hearing how sweetly those two different styles can interact is definitely part of the interest with this set. 


Ah, but is it a Valentines Day mix?  Well, Sade, Si*Sι, The Warheads and Muki give the proceedings a romantic cast, but overall it's probably nothing the girlfriend would take in lieu of flowers, chocolate or jewelry … best break out the Benjamins or find some other, more personal way to express your feelings … you know what she likes


As for my Muse ... well, I'm not sure I know what you like but guessing is keeping me busy and inspired … so thanks to you for that pleasure this Valentine's Day.


For links to all the independent artists mentioned above, check out the feedback thread on ... while you're there, you can catch the set which has been added to the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio for your listening pleasure.


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Floating Between Us by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


This is how a mix like Bass Desires gets started -- just by having a favorite tune pop into your head … in this case, Van Morrison's Sweet Thing from the 1968 album Astral Weeks, featuring the extraordinary bass work of Richard Davis … The sliding bass note that kicks off Sweet Thing means all of music to me: the synchronized perfection of timing and tone that became a core constituent of my appreciation and expectations of music over time … this was the album that made me realize how each element can be independently apprehended within the whole … and then the sheer dazzling beauty of the recitative rolling through the song like a jet of ink coursing thru clear water …


So I looked to follow this song with more music that made me feel the same way, or that was played with the same impressive technical facility, sustaining the vibe with tracks much newer in spirit and execution … and so this set offers an eclectic assemblage in which you'll find tunes from Bullitnuts, J Boogie, LTJ Bukem, Comfort Fit, Soulstice, Ruisort's tango-inflected version of the Beatles' And I Love Her, a Jazzelicious remix of Sarah Vaughn's Lover Man, original triphop from Massive Attack, broken beats from Jon Kennedy and more tracks that aim to maintain the b-line complexity, building towards a nu-jazz conclusion full of solid musicianship and vocals.  The sweet soul persuasion of Maxwell's Everwanting keeps this mix grounded in the sensual … setting us up to end in a blaze of saxophonic glory and the commanding beauty in the voice of Fontella Bass.


A sweet thing, indeed, and newly added to the BeatConscious stream on mmRadio for your listening pleasure.


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Bass Desires by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


So, between continued delight at the return of Sade and a little nudge or two from my Muse, I'm back again with FreeDubFlow, the latest upload to mmRadio.


FreeDubFlow is a trip -- starting you out in one place and delivering you somewhere else entirely -- but it's also a manifesto on the uses of chill, the offer of a pleasant place to wait out the more chaotic traffic of club music … it's a caressing wave of pure downtempo that begins to darken with Naomi's Syndicate … and then expands spatially via the Tricky Cris and Deadbeats dub tracks that follow.


By the time we get to dZihan & Kamien's Smile, and then to the Riccardo Eberspacher track that follows, the more melodic part of the set has started to be evident, and that soaring sensation takes over.  This lush flow will eventually be resolved with Tony Rich's earthier track, Leavin', itself setting the stage for the bluesy mood of the closing track.  But we're not there yet … first, there's Sade.


The song Flow from her 2000 release Lovers Rock is a minor masterpiece, as I now understand (though I missed that when the track was new to me, admittedly) … and since I'm currently celebrating my Queen's return with the Soldier of Love release, it was a joy to be reminded of this older track.  From there, we slip into one of Tosca's F@ckDub variations … another deeply funky track turning up the heat on what started out as a classic chilled set, pointing us toward the steel-guitar-driven conclusion of the Dionne Farris track that closes out the mix.


So what's in it for you?  Hmmm ... well, I'm simply here to remind you about the joys of just hangin' out, lettin' go of all that high-performance, top-achiever, multi-tasking stuff ... switching off some of that constantly-on equipment you've got, seeing if you can't switch on some of that other equipment instead -- the stuff that may have been off for longer than you intended ... see how it is if you just turn out the lights and leave the music playing ... just for a little while.


[This one is not streaming yet from Mixcloud ... ]

One more fine holiday weekend coming up ... I've extended mine just a bit to include New Year's Eve ... and why not, since it's not only the end of the Aughts, but time for that rarest of things, a blue moon, as well. 

I'll use that extra free time to begin walking back the BeatConscious show, retiring the Christmas tunes for another year and returning us to our regular schedule ... I plan to include a few of the most recently submitted sets from 2009 along with some new productions to kick off 2010 in style ... I can't tell you what the other crew members have planned (they're working right on down to the deadline ... to the extent that we deal in deadlines at BeatConscious, which is another subject altogether) but if you've been keeping up with this page, you know I have the new Sade release, Soldier of Love, leading off my first mix for 2010: the aptly-titled Souljah Girl.

So join us ... or rather, let us join you ... together -- BeatConscious, the moon and you -- we'll make this party special.

Image courtesy of

As for that new mix, Souljah Girl:  Well, first of all, mad props to the folks at Giant Step for providing the newest release from my Queen ...  Sade opens the year for downtempo and other music fans with the new track Solider of Love -- military snares, razor-wire guitar riffs and a wartime bass line:  Sade is representing for everyone prepared to fight for love in this life, the expression of determination in her vocals standing strong like the Chinese guy standing in front of the Tiananmen Square tanks … 

You'll also hear essential tracks from Walkner-Moestl, The Warheads, Monte LaRue, Rithma, Universal Funk, Kaya and The Tao of Groove, among others.  I've even salvaged a older track from independent artist "K" whose digitalEvolution project may have been one of the most exciting finds of the aughts for me … a significant talent. 


The set closes out with Alice Russsell's track Humankind, another energetic pitch for connection and love.  Listen, people, BeatConscious is just trying to bring a little balance to all the war-hate-and-depression talk that closed out 2009 … if we don't represent, who will?



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Souljah Girl by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud