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The art of the mix can also include the art that graces the covers of those mixes.  Here are some examples of cover art for MadameFLY's mixes ... click on the thumbnail to see the full size version (many images on the page, so patience may be required while the page loads.)

IceVariety.jpg (27789 bytes)

IceVarietyBlk.jpg (24767 bytes)

DT-Blue.jpg (29053 bytes)

DT-Green.jpg (28238 bytes)

DT-orange.jpg (33977 bytes)

EMU10.gif (83632 bytes)

DT_digThis.jpg (54010 bytes)

EMU11a.gif (95772 bytes)

EMU6.gif (88767 bytes)

EMU9.gif (89581 bytes)

emu12.gif (82265 bytes)

MMR49_LazyMansGroove.jpg (71337 bytes)
Lazy Man's Groove

MixMeister Radio Sets

MMR58_Creamy.jpg (64545 bytes)
Creamy for me, please

MMR22_LazyAllDay.jpg (54472 bytes)

MMR28_FeelFree.jpg (79465 bytes)

MMR24_ThisSportinLife.jpg (115152 bytes)

MMR25_TrickedRMX.jpg (56995 bytes)

MMR26_TrickedOutRMX.jpg (73353 bytes)

MMR27_EmotionIsAnEnergy.jpg (98858 bytes)

MMR29_WeightOfYrWords03.jpg (71571 bytes)

MMR30_FreakInMe.jpg (68324 bytes)

MMR32RecoveryRoom.jpg (77073 bytes)

MMR38MoneyGroove01.jpg (64794 bytes)
The Money Groove, Pt. 1

MMR40MoneyGroove03.jpg (71551 bytes)
The Money Groove, Pt. 3

MMR43_TheSelectorsMidnightMood.jpg (70817 bytes)
The Selector's Midnight Mood

MMR47BreakbeatEtiquette.jpg (81325 bytes)
Breakbeat Etiquette

MMR53ImpossibleFreedom.jpg (61983 bytes)
Impossible Freedom

MMR57_LiquidityB.jpg (77895 bytes)

MMR59_SplitDecision.jpg (68199 bytes)
Split Decision

MMR63_PeaceInsideYrSkin_c.jpg (73819 bytes)
Peace Inside Your Skin

MMR60_RememberTheThrill.jpg (83717 bytes)
Remember the Thrill (when you close your eyes)

MMR61_RUOutThere.jpg (60348 bytes)
R U Out There? TripHop Retrospective

MMR62_LaVieEnNoir3.jpg (91330 bytes)
La Vie en Noir - TripHop Retrospective Pt. 2

MMR66_DontImagine.jpg (79839 bytes)
Don't Imagine

MMR71_ChileAndLime.jpg (70447 bytes)
Chile & Lime

MMR72_VooDooChilesSlightReturn.jpg (84051 bytes)
VooDoo Chile's Slight Return

MMR73_IndianTobacco.jpg (104241 bytes)
It's Indian Tobacco, My Friend

MMR74_YouKnowMeNow.jpg (67562 bytes)
You Know Me Now

MMR79_SmoothBlueGroove.jpg (92406 bytes)
(Finding) The Smooth Blue Groove

MMR79_CandlelightAndCookies_Xmas2004.jpg (96977 bytes)
Candlelight & Cookies for Mr. Claus

MMR80_DubDubber_Tribulation.jpg (94938 bytes)
Dub & Dubber v. 4 - Tribulation Dub

MMR81_GivingInToSweetness.jpg (84244 bytes)
Giving in to Sweetness

MMR82_WitnessMyDub_D&D5.jpg (104848 bytes)
Dub & Dubber v. 5 - Witness My Dub

CappaOnTheRocks_Cover.jpg (67273 bytes)
Cappuccino on the Rocks

MMR91_SeaChangesTT.jpg (78334 bytes)
Sea Changes - B-Crazy & MmeFLY TagTeam

mmTagTeam_CappaOnTheRocks_Insert.jpg (145562 bytes)
Cappuccino on the Rocks - Tracks Insert

MMR84_PrettyFLY04.jpg (90335 bytes)
Pretty FLY

MMR88_Freefall.jpg (110306 bytes)

MMR87_Backbone.jpg (62881 bytes)

MMR90_Bee&FlowerTT.jpg (78128 bytes)
Bee & Flower - The A.o.E. & MmeFLY TagTeam

MMR89_D&D_OneDraw.jpg (68590 bytes)
Dub & Dubber v. 6 - One Draw

MMR92_BackBeginning.jpg (103420 bytes)
Back to the Beginning

The Warm Up

Instead of Snow - Xmas 2005


You Don't Need a Ticket...

At the AcidLounge Tonite


Flying Back Toward the Dawn

All I Had

..Quiet Storm..

My 80's Radio: The Main Thing


My 80's Radio: Version Girl

My 80's Radio: More Than This

Dining With Sven

My 80's Radio: Save Your Tears

..Improving on Relaxation..

A Little Something - The Mo'FLY Tagteam

Indie Summer

All Lit Up


Deckin' the Downtempo

New Again

Atmospheric Conditions - 2006 Rework

Slow Goin' (Empathy 2.0)

I May Be Guilty

Dizzy Moon

Can You Hear Me Now?

Adulthood Redux (2007 Rework)

DubFounded (Dub & Dubber Pt. 7)

FLY on the Street


A Child's Christmas in Wales - Remixed

Done With Love

Terms & Conditions

The Mighty Wick


Independence Suite 2008

Cabin Fever

Autumn Atmospherics

Isla Mujeres

Too Tight

Night in a Scented Garden

FreeFall 2009 RWK


Caught in a Downpour


Where I Am Instead

Rain & Stars

Wanting (but not having)

Reckless Funk

Exotica Redux

Floatation Device

The mix "Floatation Device" got two covers,
shown here on the right and the left  ...
care to vote for your preference?
talkback [at] beatconscious [dot] com

Floatation Device

Mood Modding

And here begin the 2010 shows >>>

Souljah Girl


Bass Desires

Floating Between Us

The Devil I Know

Soft Landing

(In this life) It All Comes Back 2 U

Spring Breaks 420.2010

The Gamble

Other Plans

The Quickie

Space_Harmonic Assembly

Love's Alone Tonight


Elemental Dub

Smooth It Over

Upstanding Dub

Since When: The Crown of Curation

Feelin' Funky 4 U

Bedroom Talk

mmRadio Retrospective Sets
One from the cover series, below



November 2001 Retrospective Mix


Time Will Tell

Short Memory

The Alchemy of Attraction

All I Got

This Little Habit

My Last Illusion



The Anticipationist

Unfettered Dub

There Will Be a Phone Call

Trying to Quit

Too Tight - The Money Funk 2.0

Wanting ... but not having (TPS)

Upholding the Vibe


Don't Distract Me

Because It Felt Good

Ample Rhythm

The Way It Is With Dreams

Now You Do


And that's it for 2011!




Fickle Moments

The Sweet Sighs of My PleasureBot


Ms. Lonelyhearts' Advice for All Occasions

Where It Takes Me

Let Them See You Dancing

Working the Groove

Rhythm Grace & Pleasure

The Transit of Venus

Lucky Break

Tribulation Dub (Dub & Dubber, Vol. 4) 2012 RWRK

Midsummer Dreams (full)

Midsummer Dreams (front)


I Had My Reasons

Make It Last

Clouds Rolling By (This Time)

Eyewitness Dub

Crushin' on You

An Itch, Scratched

Listen Love

A Chill in the Air

Lighten My Dark Skies

I Feel Good

Time Together tag-team

Like a Wave Washing Over Me

Gone Exploring

(I Get) A Good Feeling

Air (for A.S.)



How to Surrender

One Draw 4:20 RWRK

Return the Warmth


Airlock Glitch

Your Memory

Get Wet


3rd Rail Dub - Electrifying Roots Reggae

Adulthood Redux - 2007 RWRK


The Prognosticator

Speaking to My Soul

Is This Love

Sixes and Sevens

The Demands of Love

The Golden Age

Quiet Storm Tonight

Cards on the Table

Feeling Our Way

Explore Inside

The Power of Two


Lingering Chill

Rising: Quintessential Dub  Reggae

Easy to Love

Smooth Sailing

R U Out There 2014 RWRK


Do It With You

Feel the Flow

Immersion Therapy

I May Be Guilty RWRK


Hip Flask

Along the Way

I Will Soar

Stretch Flex Relax

My Glitches


A Dream of Peace

Use This

Longform Jazz

The Soul Wants to Sing


The Winter Pool

A Chance I Take

The Concept of Marriage

The Long Way Home

The Gem Master's Response

Flirting with Dub

Started Out Dancing

The Alternate Light

La Vie en Noir -2015 RWRK

Sometimes I Wonder

Away From It All

The Blues 3 Different Ways

A Drug for the Downhearted

Ecstatic Lounge

Samizdat Dub

To Clear the Mind

Shorty's Song


Dance My Way

Achieving Tranquility

Harvest Moon Dub

You Know The Feeling

All This Love

Learning About Love

Floating Free

The Last Good Time

No List

12 Days of Christmas

The Arc

Peace Out 2015

It's My Party


Listening Right Now

Remembering You

Temps de rÍve

Black History Month

Nothing on My Mind

A Gentle Mood

Fresh Groove

Heavy Weight Dub

Jazz for Lovers

Endlessly - Deepest Ambient

And Then I Wake Up

Is This the Way

Strong Enough

Lost World

Dub Against the Wall

Late Night Jazz

Summer Romance

The Stillness

Cafe Jazz

The Wrap-Up

World in Crisis




Deep Thought


Complete set-lists for all these and other shows


Most of my CD cover art was created in CorelDRAW, a fantastic vector art program.  Many of the illustration elements (as opposed to the overall cover designs) for these CD covers were sourced from personal photographs, graphics collections on CD or online from such sites as www.deviantart.com -- incorporating these images into my personal CD cover art is the best way I know of to see and appreciate the art without having to fire up my computer.  

Other graphic components used were Fractal Art, also sourced online.  For information and more examples of the art of Fractals, I direct your attention to www.fractalus.com which will provide you access to the fractals web ring.  (Leave a note for your family:  You may be gone a loooong time.)


I draw attention to these artists and tracks in hopes that you will enjoy learning about them.  If you enjoy the music, support the artists who created it -- whenever possible, buy their music.  The Make Contact page of this website has links to music retailers for your convenience.