Drum'n'Bass, Breakbeat, Jungle -- call it what you will, I call it the new jazz ... and as I recall, the old jazz was never this irresistible.... 

"Drum & bass is a purist style, a minimal but complex mesh of jittery breaks and rolling sub-basslines that's perfect for DJ cut'n'mix....  Jungle's latest trend, pioneered by labels like moving Shadow and Reinforced, is "Ambient Hardcore."  This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but in practice, the blend of floating, ethereal samples with a frenetic 150 B.P.M. sounds sublime.  Ambient is a bit like a "mature" version of happy hardcore, in that the euphoria is tinged with a poignant desolation -- a bittersweet foretaste of the comedown after the rush.  Listen to Omni Trio's "Mystic Stepper (Feel Better)" and "Renegade Snares" with their soul-diva harmonies and tantalizing, tremulous textures.  This soulful, jazzy, sophisticated style, trailblazed by Omni Trio,  Metalheads and Foul Play, is opening ears outside the Junglist ghetto, and may be paving the way for the music's return to wider popularity." -- Simon Reynolds, 1994, liner notes to History of Our World Part 1, a Breakbeat and Jungle Ultramix by DJ DB on the SM:)E label.

 Here's what captured me when I discovered Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass ....


Omni Trio: Alien Creed
James: Frequency Dip
AK1200: You Hear Me Talkin
DJ Trace: Have You Know>>
Omni Trio: Soul of Darkness>>
DJ DB: Bitch Trip>>
DJ DB: Temperature Rolling<<
  (Respect to DJ DB)
DJ Shadow: Napalm Brain
Goldie: Timeless
Omni Trio: Soul Promenade

Little House never got translated into a MixMeister set but since that time, there have been a number of DnB mixes featured on the BeatConscious show on mmRadio ... you can see the set-lists here.

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