The content on this page was originally posted as a forum thread on, the home of the MixMeister users' community.  An irregular feature, it was intended to provide background and links for mixes uploaded to the BeatConscious stream, one of the five musical genre stations hosted by mmRadio from November 2001 thru December 2010.  I'm archiving my posts here at least until the ultimate fate of the community forum is settled, because of the value of the information to fans of the show and because, you know: I wrote it and I mean to keep a record of it.  (There are occasional comments from other forum regulars, which I've left in place for the sake of completeness, along with the link to the original thread on the forum.)

Note to those who care about this stuff: this page is whack HTML, and it's unfortunately likely that it may not be ready for Opera or whatever ... the intention was that the links should stay live without a nightmare of retrofitting on my part (it's not so much that I'm lazy as that I pick my battles) ... if any questions arise, feel free to contact the author using the talkback at option.  As the future stream protocols get sorted out, now that mmRadio has gone silent, a new version of this page may be created (in decent HTML) to accompany future sets.  We'll see.  The thing is, when I started this page in 2004, searching out music and artists wasn't yet the total breeze for civilians which it has since become ... my feeling is that most people listening to music online in the ripe old 2010s are generally capable of dropping a name or phrase in a search box and getting all the connections they need.  But if I've over-estimated the capabilities of my audience, I'm always happy to help hook you up with some particular artist or tune, to the extent they can still be found online.

And so here it is:

Posted Oct 02, 2004 16:53