The key to an active and satisfying nightlife is, of course, knowing what's happening, where and when.  


The biggest event of my year will be March in South Beach (Miami) Florida -- the Winter Music Conference.  Here's your link to last year's report on WMC -- also the spot to watch as this year's report is posted...

Occasionally, I also attend a one-off performance (too rarely to suit me, but then that's life in my neck of the woods....)  Most recently, it was the Thievery Corporation show in South Beach ... read the review of this show.  With any luck, other shows and other reviews will follow.... would be pleased to offer information on music events in the SW Florida area and in cyberspace.  What I find is that my part of SW Florida doesn't support much in the way of a decent downtempo night out.  There was an excellent discussion at forum on ways to go about promoting a downtempo night in a city that has none.  Plenty of good advice from those who have done it in various parts of the country.  

This has prompted me to put a new twist on the BeatConscious events page ... Ladies and Gents, I give you Stars of the Nightlife Lounge.  If this event ever moves from cyberspace to rental space, you'll be the first to know.  


How it was, back in 2001, when there was an event....

What's Up Next?

You may well ask ... this is from Sarasota's Radio Babe, published in the Ticket section of the 26 JAN 2001 
Sarasota Herald-Tribune:


Punta Gorda's Club Vortex had planned a giant bash ... originally touted as "The Very Special Event," that now, unfortunately, is "The Club Vortex Going-Out-of-Business-Because-Someone-Stole-a-Plane Party."

No kidding.

Someone actually took a plane for a joyride, damaging it and several others on New Year's Eve at the Punta Gorda airport where Vortex located (in the airport's Tailwinds Cafe.)

And while the crime and after-hours dance spot have no connection (the club wasn't open New Year's,) Tailwinds/Vortex leaseholder Cathy Mohr thinks it shook up the Airport Authority (she said that they told her Vortex was a security liability.)

So, until we hear further, it seems that the "new scene" in Charlotte County has gone under for the third time, leaving just a little trail of bubbles....


Hey, it's a crazy life ... anything could happen ...  if you have an event to be listed, please provide the information via email to "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg -- be sure to include contact information, including name and phone number.

As anyone who lives in SW Florida can tell you, when the subject of leisure activities is raised around here, music comes in a distant second to golf for most of the population. Many locales put a great deal of their local government energy into crafting more and more restrictive regulations regarding where, when and how loud music can be played. Despite this uninviting climate, those who depend on music events for their soul satisfaction continue to seek ways to indulge themselves. They owe a debt of gratitude to the dedicated people who organize and produce music events in such an unwelcoming atmosphere – if you value this resource, come on out and show your support.