I can't seem to hold my mix selections to a particular style -- well, that's not really a problem unless you organize your music collection by genres.  I think there's a certain satisfaction among its connoisseurs that a wide range of music qualifies as downtempo... who hears it, knows it, and appreciates the variety we have to choose from....  At any rate, two early mixes that came off my burner featured jazz and house and hiphop and straight-up downtempo in various combinations, and nobody got hurt....  Seemed like a good thing, so I kept on with it, and you'll find new sets added to this category on a regular basis, but I've also learned to think of them all as simply "downtempo mixes".


Ways to be Funky -- the 420 Mix

St. Germain: La Goutte D'Or
Tosca: Annanas (g corp. dub)
Glenn Underground: Society Rules
St. Germain: Rose Rouge
Ben Watt / Sound of Soul: The Spiritual Groove (Hard Steppin Dub)
Laurent Garnier: Last Tribute from the 20th Century
MJ Cole: Sincere (Migs' Petalpusher Mix)
Ben Watt / Sandy Rivera / Tracey Thorn: "Tracey in My Room"
ADNY: Never Leave You
Tosca: Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth Graceland Dub)
Tosca: Busenfreund (dZhihan & Kamien Dub)
Afterlife: Cry (Sunset Dream Mix)
Lisa Shaw: Always (Lovetronic Vocal) 

Moments of Soul (Meet Me in Miami Remix)

J-Walk: Soul Vibration
St. Germain: What Do You Think About...
Tosca: Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth v. 3)
Boswick Gates: You Are the Reason
Red Snapper: Some Kind of Kink
Soul Coughing: Super Bon Bon
Roni Size / Reprazent: Dirty Beats
The Silent Poets feat. Jessica Care Moore: 
    This is Not an Instrumental (Nightmares on Wax RMX)
JBoogie: Booty Cinematique
Money B: Wrapped Up (Agua da Coca Mix)
Tosca: Chocolate Elvis (Rodney Hunter and
    Damian Flowers Uptight Version)
Blue Boy: Remember Me (da Ill Flip Mix)
St. Germain: Sure Thing
Afterlife: Lo Delta


ODDSTEP CULTURE (Remixed 25 OCT 01):

Transcenden: Mirror of Culture
Genetic Sequence: Porn Funk
Tosca: FuckDub (Baby Mammoth v. 1)
Il-Ya: Les Documentations des Emotions
Telemetry Orchestra: Swingers International
Nebula 9: Money Shot
Transcenden: 3-2-1
KC & the Sunshine Band: I'm Your Boogie Man (g's RMX)
Pistol Grip: Petroleum Jelly
Organic Audio: Latin Oddstep
Urban Phunk Society: Body Waves
Troublemakers: Electrorloge
Move D: Hurt Me
Layo & Bushwacka!: Deep South
Tutto Matto: "You'll Never Get to the Marble Room v. 9" (echo edit) vs. Transcenden: "Tempo Rubato" 

East Coast Basis 

King Kooba: Feel the Colour
G: Modernist Abode
Lamb: Cottonwool (Fila RMX)
Buscemi: Noise's Leasing
James Hardway: Livin' the Life
Lemongrass: Voyage a la Lune
Baby Mammoth: Narrow
Cinematic Orchestra: 15 and Relax!
St. Germain: Prelusion
G: Abstrakt Jazz
Thievery Corporation: Focus On Sight
Hefner: Fiendish
Alex Cortiz: Glamourgirl
Akotcha: Entirely Synthesized
Dzihan & Kamien: Where are we 


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