One of the people who spent time getting me interested in alla this music was a House DJ ... and once I started listening and thinking, here's what I realized:

To begin with, there was R&B which became known as Soul which mutated into Funk.  Then Funk put on platform shoes and popped a couple of 'ludes and started callin itself  Disco.  But Disco records were getting burned in parking lots all over middle America (racism? homophobia? every prejudice all at once?) and Disco disappeared for a while, let things cool down in the public scene ... but the scene lived on at private parties, maybe at your house, maybe at my house ... that's right: House Music -- like-minded people coming together to party down.  House: when it's good, it makes you want to give it up.  

It helps to know that there are a couple dozen styles of House music and that you might hate one kind and love another (they're that different) but every single one of them will have you up outta your chair and shakin what your mama gave you ... if you're not dancing, it's not House music.

Downtempo and House intersect in a number of places ... after the original attempts I made to create straight-up House sets, I realized I could import those special tracks into a downtempo set with excellent results, and that's the way I work it now.  But for the historically interested, here's some of the original playlists:



Phunk Phorce: Mind Games
De'Lacy: Hideaway
Jr. Vasquez/Vernessa Mitchell: Reap (What you Sow)
Lovebeads feat. C. Gray: On Your Knees
Jr. Vasquez/Kamasutra: Storm in my Soul
Candi Staton: Victim
Funky Green Dogs: Reach for Me >>
Fog: Been a Long Time<<
  (Respect to Dave Dolphin)
H2O: Should I
Deep Dish presents Quench DC: High Frequency
Staxx of Joy: Shout
Roger Sanchez presents Transatlantic Soul: Release Yo'Self (Tee's Release Mix)
Swayzak: Speedboat


10MAR01:  A bit of the new on this House page ... a mix challenge / collaboration with NY's noiseboy produced this set:


Groove Armada: If Everybody Looked the Same (DJ Icey RMX)
DJ FX: Redemption (Below Zero Mix)
Heller and Farley Project: Rising Sun (Danny Tenaglia RMX)
The Timewriter: Belief
Stanton Warriors: Determined
DSK: What Would We Do
Kosheen: I'll Hide You
Danny Tenaglia: Music is the Answer (Deep Dish Deadline Mix)
Blue Boy: Remember Me (Pimp Lab Mix)
Rui da Silva: Touch Me (Vocal Mix)
The Timewriter: Deliver Me


29SEP01:  The original Housebound: Home Alone has been remixed using MixMeister Pro.  Read the review of this amazing little (that's "little" as in "price") program here.  The newly-reconstructed set goes like this:

Mind Games: Phunk Phorce
Hideaway: De'Lacy 
Reap What You Sow: Vernessa Williams 
Storm in My Soul: Kamasutra 
Love Commandments: Gisele Jackson 
On Your Knees: Lovebeads 
Release Yo'Self: Transatlantic Soul 
Should I: H2O 
Reach for Me: FunkyGreenDogs 
Been A Long Time: The Fog 
Victim: Candi Staton 
Speedboat: Swayzak 

To hear this set, visit the Mixed Music page.



I draw attention to these artists and tracks in hopes that you will enjoy learning about them.  If you enjoy the music, support the artists who created it -- whenever possible, buy their music.  The Make Contact page of this website has links to music retailers for your convenience.