When I was first sorting all this stuff out, my take on "IDM" went like this:

Dedicated to the TrancePorter -- I owe you big time, my friend, for the introduction:  The freeform mix of electronica that embraces tribal, triphop, funky beats and downtempo stylings is what first tranceported me. I realize it may be a controversial use of the term Intelligent Dance Music, because IDM is generally a name attached to some extremely gritty and abstract music -- experimental is another term.  But, for me, the best of electronic/dance music has a more intelligent side to it than the average boy-group pop dance stuff ... so I'm hijacking IDM as an alternative to "electronica" -- since that's a label that seems to generate a bad reaction in some people.  Address complaints about this high-handed behavior to me via email to "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg. 

Well, I'm happy to say no one has complained much so far (except for one very prickly member of the Sister DJs mailing list ... musta struck a chord there somehow) but then in the meantime I came to see that a lot of what I called Intelligent Dance Music has turned out to just be Downtempo in one or another of its many forms, and nobody even thinks of challenging that ... so, the page will stay, to commemorate my musical evolution, but you won't hear me referring to IDM much anymore ... I guess, these days, I'd refer to the playlist below as being, simply, electronica or EDM ....


Heights of Abraham: Make Love
Banco de Gaia: Maya
The Drum Club: One Tribe
Optica: DolceVita
FSOL: Dirty Shadows
RHC feat. Plavka: Move Ya (Born Free Mix)
FSOL: Amoeba
Deadbeats: Feel Good
Tricky: Suffocated Love
Karma de la Luna: Tycho Dreams
FSOL: Expander
Heights of Abraham: 700 Channels

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