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BeatConscious on Live365

Just like a regular radio broadcast, the streams originating from Live365 do not give advance notice of playing any particular song or set ... that's part of what keeps 'em legal.  However, individual broadcasters can supplement the L365 stream by providing information on their personal websites, so this page will tell you what you need to know about the BeatConscious broadcast.  (Learn more about my Live365 stream here.)

Through the kind intervention of DJ CMG ( and I now have a "What's Playing Now" window for the Live365 Broadcast ... major respect to the man for his generosity in helping me get this element added to BeatConscious!

Current playlist -- around 23 hours of music --as of October 12, 2008, the mixes in rotation are (generally in this order):

Mix Name (and link to set-list) Length Style
I May Be Guilty 1:11 Downtempo -- mostly indie music set, spanning 2000 to 2007
Melt 1:15 Downtempo drifty chills with emphasis on indie selections from late 2005
Empathy 1:03 Old and new tracks on the theme of connection and compassion, downtempo and more
MoonDrop 1:20 More drifty chills, also with a strong indie showing, including some from myspace artists
Indie Summer 1:14 Downtempo -- mostly indie music (artists and labels)
..Improving on Relaxation.. 1:15 Downtempo -- summer 2006 all indie music mix
Terms and Conditions 1:17 A Quiet Storm joint, the Valentines Day mix for 2008
2008:04:20:DubSet 1:17 Based on music and inspiration from WMC 2008, this is No. 8 in the Dub & Dubber series
Slow Goin' (Empathy 2.0) 1:18 Concentrating on the low end of the BPM scale, plus a final track full of empathy....
Dizzy Moon 1:09 Mid-summer 2007 independent music with select classic tracks in the mix as well
SemiConsciousParty 1:16 Another soul set featuring a few of the queens: Fontella Bass, Joy Denalane, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu
Can You Hear Me Now?  (Whispering to Myself) 1:01 Downtempo set from summer 2007
DubFounded 1:01 Dub & Dubber Vol. 7 ... showcasing dub influences far and wide
FLY on the Street 1:16 The vacation mix ... a little something to play on that long drive
Independence Suite 2008 1:19 The current collection of music from independent artists demonstrating that independence is sweet
Done with Love 1:19 Jazz-inflected downtempo and funk
Cabin Fever 1:16 All varieties of downtempo: jazzy, triphop and drifty ambient-based tunes making a seamless flow
Isla Mujeres 1:18 The female vocalist, from a whisper to a shout: jazz, sugar-soul, triphop and classic DT
Autumn Atmospherics 1:18 The Recombinator remix: extreme rework of a 2002 set, updated for your listening pleasure

"Style" is just a general guide ... in any downtempo mix, you are likely to hear lots of influences from the world of acid jazz / nujazz, house, atmospheric drum'n'bass, world beat, trip hop, etc.  For an up-close look at my concepts about the varieties of electronic music, visit the Style Guide page and explore the genre definitions and examples available there.

If you would like to support this Live365 broadcast, be sure and read the information on "Premium Membership" options for listening.

If you have any questions about the schedule in general, or any mix in particular, contact me ... sorry there's no live email link, but the current rash of spammers hijacking my links has made life a PITA ... contact me via "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg ... and work for the day when spammers are in jail or have gotten "real jobs" and we can have our email links back again .....



I draw attention to these artists and tracks in hopes that you will enjoy learning about them.  If you enjoy the music, support the artists who created it -- whenever possible, buy their music.  The Make Contact page of this website has links to music retailers for your convenience.