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My Nightlife

Welcome to MadameFLY's Nightlife:  a world of beats and the people who love them ... call us Beat Conscious.  

I started out as a typical "bedroom DJ" ....  Fueled only by a desire to share the brilliant music I've discovered -- rather than the urge to perform live before a party or club crowd -- I gather together the tracks that impress me and  mix them in a way that emphasizes their narrative flow and emotional impact (my Mix Manifesto elaborates on these concepts.)   I thought of it all as my personal radio ... and then, eventually (and thanks to the good people at MixMeister Technology LLC, and the folks at Live365) the BeatConscious stream became an actual internet radio show.  (See the MixMeister Radio section below for listening links.)  If you are interested in leads to exceptional music and the world of DIY personal radio, this is the place to start. Look around ... you'll find:

bulletReviews -- Read about new music by musicians who take it direct to the people, using the internet as their delivery system.
bullet Declaration of Independents -- This is an archive of a feature that first appeared as a thread on the MixMeister users' forum, to accompany the BeatConscious show, providing information regarding the various independent (e.g., self-produced or self-promoted) artists whose music appeared on the show.  In time, the forum may disappear or change substantially and this run-down is too valuable to let it just disappear, so I've made arrangements for it to be available here.
bulletCharts -- It's not what you're like, it's what you like.  In other words, charts.  Everybody does 'em, and MadameFLY is no exception.  Here's what's in my crates, and what I think is hot now.
bulletAnother ready reference for the sounds that rule my Nightlife are the set-lists for mixes heard on the BeatConscious stream (available through both MixMeister-sponsored radio and my station on Live365 ... see details below).  Heard something you like on the stream?  These set-lists recap the track names, artists and (where applicable) the album name and year released.
bulletMadameFLY's Nightlife originated on Live365 and then became a staple on MixMeister Radio, which in November 2001 began a 24/7 broadcast streaming from beatmixing.com along with separate streams of house, trance, urban breaks and beats.  After a long and honorable service, mmRadio was retired by its new owners, Numark, on December 30, 2010.  In its place, the BeatConscious stream now originates from Mixcloud, continuing the tradition of soothing your ears and sparking your curiosity. 
bulletAnd remember, the Live365.com website of internet radio broadcasts ... http://www.live365.com/stations/madamefly is my station page.  You can find additional information on the Live365 stream page though the station is in semi-retirement and is not being updated -- current streams are all appearing on Mixcloud.
bulletEvents -- This page was originally meant to be a calendar of events and directory of goods and services, intended to help you connect with musical activity in the region or on the 'net.   What I found out after a while here in FLA was that my region had no events of the kind I intended to support.  These days, the Events page is a testament to that discovery.
bulletThe BrainScan for those interested in the effects of music on the human psyche, emotions and intelligence.  Read about what makes music special -- so special that every culture has some form of music.
bulletMy favorite music has all been a gift to me from people who have turned me on to the sounds they love.  As I made my voyage of discovery through the musical recommendations of others, I worked on sorting out just which genres worked for me ... a record of my investigations can be found on the BeatConscious Style Guide pages.
bulletImagine: there are thousands of other sites like this (and some are truly amazing!) run by folks just as fascinated by music as I am.  Get acquainted with a few of them using the links on the Make Contact page.  And if you are one of those people yourself, send me your link info to add to the page.
bulletA Mixed Music page with information on listening choices.
bulletAlong with mixing, I make cover art for my personal CD collection -- some examples can be seen on the Covers page
bulletThis website is all about my lifelong fascination with music.  A mercifully brief history of how that fascination evolved appears on The Trip Out.  Another important historical moment was my meeting with the Tranceporter and my introduction to downtempo music ... read about that encounter and how it all came full circle at the History of My World.
bulletFor on-going news and musings, check out FLYpaper.  Or for a more strictly music-oriented news approach, visit the newly-resuscitated FLYblog.

If you didn't find what you wanted here, please let me know via email to "talkback" *at* BeatConsciousDotOrg -- your feedback and contributions count (and please excuse the temporary -- I hope -- spammer dodge, but they are hijacking easy-to-use email links ... instead of getting real jobs, I guess....)