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BeatConscious.org is a counter-free website.  If you visit, I won't know it unless you decide to leave a sign.  You can choose to do this via email to me in care of the BeatmixingDotCom site and tell me what you think about the site and whether you found anything interesting here

It used to be you could spend an extra minute here and submit a form, which would tell me some interesting stuff about you ... however, for the moment, the form is disabled in order to discourage spammers who have been hijacking it ... what a sorry world we live in, right?  I'll consider re-enabling the form sometime later this year (2007) once the BS dies down.

In the meantime, if you're one of those really highly-motivated people, contact me via my email links at the BeatMixingDotCom site and gimme your shoutout there -- the info that used to appear in the form was the sort of things you could mention....
bulletYour name and email if you choose
bulletHow you found this site
bulletThe sort of music you are interested in: Downtempo, Jazz, Nu-Soul/R&B, Ambient, House, TripHop, Drum'n'Bass, Trance, etc.
bulletHow you would rate your interest in music: casual, fanatical, business interest, etc.
bulletHow you currently purchase most of your music: Vinyl, CD, digital; local retailer, internet retailer, direct from artist or label

Most importantly, please indicate if you have checked out any of the artists mentioned on this site that were unknown to you previously!  All artists who support BeatConscious with promotional material would love to get some idea of how beneficial that is for them, and I'm happy to pass along your feedback to the artists.

And, of course, if you know of an artist you think BeatConscious should be aware of, please mention them -- include a link to their website, where possible.

Thanks for visiting ... and a double-big thanks if you get in touch!