Nothing has changed much in my respect for TripHop, the sound and style that drew me in -- credit Portishead, Morcheeba, Tricky.  Listen to them today (I still do) and you'll find that their classic goodness has aged really well.  I paid my respects in one of the first sets I burned to CD:


St. Etienne/Monkey Mafia: Filthy
Lamb: Cotton Wool remix
BlueroomReleased /Juno Reactor: Magnetic
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Morcheeba: Killer Hippie
Sly & Robbie: Fatigue Chic
Tricky: Ponderosa
Portishead: Numb
Lamb: TransFattyAcid
Psilonaut: 3rd from the Sun
Rollercone: Rester Evielle
Massive Attack: Sly (7 Stones mix)
Drum Club: Reefer

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