I can't say that my opinion of Trance has changed much, though the genre itself is still madly popular in lots of places including the small towns and other cultural backwaters ... (sort of like long hair is now popular among the kind of guys who used to run hippies off the road and threaten them with rifles.)  Here's how I saw it then ... and now:

Trance takes a bit of a beating from a wide variety of music lovers ... the soundtrack of Ibiza, the theme music for countless ravers' peak experiences, the Backstreet Boy of electronic music.  But I managed to ignore all that for long enough to gather up a few tracks I liked and make a mix with the euphoria intact -- because, you know, it's all good...



Dr. Atomic: Scheudenfloss
Eskimos & Egypt: Fall From Grace (Free Me Mix)
Sasha & Maria: Be As One
Way Out West: The Gift
Harmonix: Landslide
The Tripp: LSD
Jungle High: Samurai
Daft Punk: Alive
Tony DeVit: Brainwave
Sourmash: Eclipse >>
Sourmash: Throwing Caution to the Wind
Energy 52: Cafe del Mar
Banco de Gaia: I Love Baby Cheesy


At the request of fellow Resident MixMeister DJ, Monkey Do, I have reconstructed and refined this mix using MixMeister Pro4 ... and I'm not embarrassed to say it's a vast improvement over the original direct-from-CD mix done in 1998.  Because mmRadio can stream 80 min. mixes nowadays, a few tracks have been added:

OPEN HOUSE (2002 Remix)

01. Schudelfloss (High On Hedonism Mix): Dr. Atomic 120.9 6:32 Dub House Disco 2000
02. Offshore (Original Ambient Version): Chicane 127.7 7:02 Chilled 1999
03. Fall From Grace (Free Me Mix): Eskimos and Egypt 129.7 6:00 Futurhythms
04. The Gift: Way Out West 132.7 4:23 Deconstruction
05. Landslide: Harmonix 127.8 3:44 Deconstruction
06. Alive: Daft Punk 128.6 5:15 Homework
07. Angel (Way Out West): St. Etienne 129.9 6:35 Casino Classics
08. Samurai (Fire Of Love): Jungle High 129.8 6:58 Futurhythms
09. Bombay (Dave Randall): Tony De Vit 136.0 6:12 Trade
10. Brainwave (DJ Oberon): Tony De Vit 141.5 4:58 Trade
11. Sourmash - Eclipse: mixed by billy nasty 141.2 6:37 Zoom - Progressive House Volume 1.
12. Throwing Caution To The Wind: mixed by billy nasty 141.2 7:17 Zoom - Progressive House Volume 1.
13. Cafe Del Mar (Energy 52 - Three N One Remix): Paul Oakenfold 134.8 7:12 Tranceport
14. I Love Baby Cheesy: Banco de Gaia 114.4 6:34 The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia
15. Young American Primitive (Angel's Hand Mix): Young American Primitive 126.9 6:24 Futurhythms


To hear this set, visit the Mixed Music page.



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